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Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures Are Trendy

Updated on July 15, 2011

If you are looking for modern bathroom light fixtures you definitely have plenty of options. Styles have changed a great deal over recent years, so there are a much greater variety of terrific styles that are available. Whether you are remodeling an existing washroom or building a new one in a brand new home, the choices are many when it comes to finding modern bathroom light fixtures.

Inexpensive Options – Stick with Basics

If you are looking for cheap bathroom light fixtures you might want to look at some basic styles. Depending upon the wiring in your home and where you plan to install your fixtures, some of the really basic yet classic styles might work best for you. Instead of looking for all sorts of bells and whistles that can drastically increase the price that you pay, opt for classic lines and timeless designs that will still look great in the years to come. If you follow trends or opt for fixtures that are highly architectural in design, you very well could come to regret such an installation if you become bored with the look over time. Classic designs are classic for a reason; they continue to look great year after year in an unobtrusive kind of way. If you are the type of person that enjoys renovating every few years then you can always opt for something more elaborate, but if you like to set it and then forget it, a basic light fixture might be more to your liking. They can still have a modern look to them, but with classic lines that will not go out of style.

Pricier Pieces – Go for the Bling

If you decide that you would prefer modern bathroom light fixtures that are a little trendier, you might want to consider looking for pieces that have plenty of sparkle. There are all sorts of modern styles that are currently on the market that feature things like hanging crystals or rhinestone styled turn knobs. Sparkle is hugely popular right now, so it is definitely an option that is worth considering. If you are installing overhead light fixtures then

a crystal chandelier just might be your ticket to paradise. You can hang one on either side of a single mirror and basin or even dual chandeliers over each of your dual sinks. Modern crystal chandeliers now come with or without a transparent shade surrounding the crystals. You can find these see through shades in colors like white, ivory, black, and even hot pink. They definitely kick up the trendy factor when it comes to finding fashionable fixtures.

No matter which styles of light fixtures you choose, they will add wonderful lighting to your bathroom space.


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