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Modern Trends with Classic Designs- Window Treatments

Updated on April 30, 2014

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are often put towards the backburner when one begins decorating their home but when looked at closely, window treatments provide a large amount options beside a variety of fabric for curtains and can be a fun a home improvement project, without being too costly. The purpose of a window treatment is to enhance the overall ambiance of a room. Home owners often do not base decorating decisions on a pre-chosen window treatment, the treatment is usually chosen after.

The Hard Truth About Window Treatments

To start, there are two categories of window treatments: hard and soft treatments. Hard treatments consist of shutters, blinds, and shades while soft treatments include curtains and drapes. The differences drapes and curtains are in found in several areas. For example, drapes are often lined and floor length while curtains are not usually lined and the length depends on the size of the window. In a simple way of thinking, drapes are fancy curtains.

The differences between the three types of hard window treatments are a bit more complicated. Shutters are usually fitted to the window and are made up of two panels or doors that open toward a room. Blinds are panels that are usually unrolled over a window in order to cut off light and preserve the privacy of the homeowner while on the other hand, shades are panels but are translucent in order to filter the light coming in.

Go Trendy or Go Home

These basic window treatments can be seen in a variety of forms depending on size, the type of material used and if accents were used with the treatment. Some common trends of window treatments currently include a new set of neutrals, use of natural substances, pops of colors and trim, and stainless steel curtain rods.

Pick A Color, Any Color

On closer look these trends can be easily applied to any type of hard or soft window treatment. The new set of neutrals is made up of charcoal and slate. These colors would be perfect for a set of curtains, especially when hung with a stainless steel curtain rod. This look gives the room a very chic and contemporary atmosphere.

While at the same time, a home owner could go on the opposite end of the color spectrum and choose a set of yellow shutters to cover a small window looking into a cozy kitchen. The cheery yellow color would help bounce off more light coming from outside giving the small kitchen space a roomy and fresh atmosphere.

Did Somebody Say Earthy?

If a homeowner is looking for a window treatment somewhere in the middle of the scale, they might decide on a woven bamboo blind for a natural, earthy look that when opened, the blind would provide the privacy wanted before going to sleep.

A common trend that can be applied to any window treatment as well is pops of trim. A simple white curtain can be enhanced by lining the bottom with a trim that matches the colors in a room or even the accent colors of a room. These pops of trim, along with the homeowners choice of any trend and design make a window treatment, a true custom window treatment.

Soft Window Treatment


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