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Moen Bathroom/Kitchen Parts, Accessories Review: Shower Arms/Bars, Drain Covers, Spouts, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Moen Parts

When you are finally finished with installing all the primary bathroom and kitchen fixtures – faucets, toilets, and sinks – the stage of accessories and final touches begins: to some, the hardest stage there is in the whole process of installing or reinstalling one's plumbing implements.

Countless question arise: what collections to choose, what type of finish to pick, is it best to match existing fixtures or compliment them with other designs, where exactly to place the accessories, and so on. Moen don't make the procedure easier by offering literally hundreds of products, starting from comfort oriented towel bars and robe hooks, and ending with indispensable toilet paper holders, tubs spouts&faucets, and drain covers.

However, if you are a true shopping type, this stage of your lavatory décor can be pure heaven. First, all of the parts and auxiliary accessories cost less than the main installations, giving more range in choosing products; second careful selection can produce notable, and occasionally even profound effects on the atmosphere inside the bathroom – mellowing harsh aesthetics in some cases, or sharpening them in others. In other words, many new creative opportunities emerge seemingly from nowhere.

Let's take a closer look at some of the inventory:

Moen Dual Towel Bar Bronze
Moen Dual Towel Bar Bronze

Lavatory and Shower Accessories

  • Towel bars and rings include hundreds of designs – organized in Moen's transitional, traditional, or modern collections – in chrome, nickel, bronze, brass, and other finishes. Points of attachment repeat bell patterns that support many of the faucet levers and handles, contributing to a harmonious effect.

  • Robe hooks introduce interesting, unusual metallic shapes that protrude idly from the wall until covered by an actual robe – an underlying sculpture can subconsciously determine the ambience. Moen offer about a hundred designs.

  • Toilet paper holders are built either as miniature towel bars, or as parallel to the wall hooks – a kind of layout that contradicts the more aggressive robe hooks. Includes standard and pivoting variations; finishes comprise, besides the usual metals and alloys, also a rare wood category.

  • Toilet tank levers often replicate familiar faucet levers – but occasionally opt for bolder shapes that have more in common with the hooks than with other fixtures.


  • Drain covers: a quintessential accessory that's as useful in the kitchen as it is in the lavatory sink or bathtub. A piece or perforated plate of metal, these parts block stuff from entering the pipework, potentially preventing plumbing problems.

  • Soap Dispensers substitute the conventional piece of soap for a liquid – first a strictly industrial and commercial accessory, it soon found its way into the bathroom simply for the comfort it brings into the whole experience.

  • Side Sprays complement standard faucets by providing an different kind of water stream: one which can get rid of stuck parts that regular spout is unable to remove. An essential fixture for some kitchen professionals.


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