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Moen Bathroom/Lavatory Sink Faucet Review: Kingsley, Monticello, Vestige, Rothbury, Chateau, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Moen Bathroom Faucet

Moen's selection of sink and lavatory faucets exceeds several hundred variations and models, all designed to address a broad range of stylistic and functional needs in the bathroom.

Four main types of installation include single-hole, widespread, centerset, and wall-mount, while many of these also arrive in mini modes. Most of the faucets are meant to be installed either above the sink, or, as a spout, as a component of a shower kit; a smaller category of bidet faucets conducts water to the toilet section for a more specific hygienic function.

Design and visual appearance emerge as preeminent factors, each collections – be it a Basic, Traditional, Transitional, or Modern, as Moen organize them – offering fixtures in chrome, nickel, bronze, and brass.

Each of the metals has its unique color and will create a different kind of atmosphere. When combined with tub/roman tub faucets, and showers, most of which exist in matching collections, a unified and consistent look is created in the bathroom, contributing, perhaps more on a subconscious level, to a more pleasant bathing experience.

Let's take a look at some of the collections:

Moen Lavatory Widespread Faucet
Moen Lavatory Widespread Faucet


  • Kingsley is a traditional collection that doesn't flaunt its Victorian and steam pipe origins – yet makes them vivid and expressive in an understated, confident fashion. Available in low or high arches, Kingsley faucets consist of a single block of metal curving and expanding towards the ends; the levers echo a classic bell shape that reappears in other traditional collections.

  • Monticello moves forward in time towards modern and industrialized contours, nature-inspired flowing lines in particular. Centerset or widespread, Monticello faucets combine well with two-tone finishes – chrome and brass, for instance – presenting a luxurious, shining fixture configuration.

  • Vestige: another traditional collection that recreates the straightforward steam architecture of the Victorian era, when beauty as we know it today was not the primary concern of metal workshops. The spouts and the levers are inspired by antique kettles and other cookware – a classic vintage aesthetic overall.

  • Rothbury faucets exhibit a more angular shape that appears to draw ideas from antique furniture rather than pipework – an interesting and visually refreshing deviation from the brass and bronze beaks we normally see in the vintage style bathroom today. Anticipates Moen's outdoors plumbing fixtures.


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