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Moen Kitchen Stainless Steel Sinks Review: One, Two-Bowl; Bar and Prep, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Moen Sink

Moen kitchen sinks include over fifty fixtures, all made from stainless steel in a range of gauges, and organized according to three surprisingly romantically dubbed collections: Camelot, Excalibur, and Lancelot.

Perhaps the brand simply wanted to hint that today's most important battles take place in the kitchen, using knives and skillets, not on the field wielding swords and pikes. Considering the fighting spirit of some of the most popular cooking television shows of the last decade – Iron Chef, for instance – this choice of titles seems to make particular sense.

Moen sinks arrive in two main categories: one-bowl and two-bowl. Both exist in a variety of rectangular configurations, from strictly square, to unusually elongated and practically resembling a counter. Installation modes include drop-in and undermount – both saving space, and displaying a slight compromise of aesthetics in favor of utility and ultimate comfort in use.

The stress on function is not alien to this kitchen appliance, however, such brands as American Standard and Kohler also focusing on the utility more than on visual characteristics.

Moen Double Basin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Moen Double Basin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Two-bowl sinks include a divide that becomes crucial in some cuisines (fir instant kosher), and simply an enhancing feature in other. The complementary basin can copy its counterpart exactly, or exhibit smaller, sometimes considerably so, dimensions, in depth, as well as width. All Moen sinks can be prepared for faucet installation: the number of holes reveals the sort of faucet intended for that particular fixture – single hole will suit a single handle spout or centerset, three hole will suit widespread layout, and more.

Similarly to their faucet inventory for bathrooms and kitchens, here Moen offer commercial/industrial quality items with particularly thick and durable steel frame. Indeed, stainless steel gauge 18 and 16 comprise the majority of the sink selection – fixtures that although pricier, ensure long-term usage and durability. Gauge 20 and 22 sinks will fit into apartments where there is no need for heavy duty implements.


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