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Moen Showers, Showerheads, Handshowers, Tub Faucets Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Moen Shower

With several hundred inventory listings, Moen's shower department stands out as the company's strongest and most versatile. Though some of the offerings overlap with faucets, in particular lavatory and tub fixtures, the sheer variety of designs, finishes, and styles makes this bathroom segment Moen's most intimidating asset when it comes to competition against such names as Delta Faucet, American Standard, Kohler, or Grohe.

Here the brand's ability to focus on a single category of products, namely solely the implements that conduct water, becomes an advantage, allowing Moen to arrive at depths of design and choice very few competitors can boast in their assortment. The company organizes its selection into three categories: hand held showers (or simply handshowers) and shower-heads, tub and faucet kits, and spa systems.


Either fixed or operated by hand, these are ubiquitous lavatory fixtures that enable bathers to bath according to their preference – either move themselves around the stream, or direct the stream where needed manually. Showerheads arrive in flat, rainhead designs or more classically built bell-like configurations, both series incorporating several functions and eco features that alter the stream and save water at the same time. Finishes include chrome, nickel, bronze, and less commonly brass.

Handheld kits comprise, besides that shower and the hose, a bar or an elbow on which the fixture can rest, either unused, or operating as a fixed type. Moen, Banbury, Velocity, Adler, Inspire, and other collections

Moen Chrome Showerhead
Moen Chrome Showerhead

Tub Faucets and Parts

With the exception of roman tubs, these are complementary products usually installed beneath or besides the primary ones – smallest wall-mounted spouts, levers and trims, and more. Roman tub faucets constitute an important separate category that can (and often should) echo lavatory faucet in order to create a unified harmonious style in the bathroom; most popular modes divide between the classic widespread, and the more modern single-hole. Collections include Kingsley, Monticello, Rothbury, Vestige, Icon, and others. Valves are equipped with Posi-Temp, Moentrol, and ExactTemp registered technologies.

Spa Systems

Moen's answer Kohler, American Standard and Delta high-end jet and spa showers by supplying their own total solution system that combines showerheads, shower jets, and handheld fixtures. All of these horizontally and vertically installed pieces create a complete aquatic microcosms, lending showering experience an extra oomph – both in terms of sheer enjoyment and therapeutic effects. Limited lifetime warranty and sophisticated controls complete the spa, making it a durable and easy to operate system – and a brand classic.


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