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Moen Showhouse, Kingsley, Monticello, Chateau Fixtures Review: Chrome, Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Moen Collections

Virtually all plumbing and fixture manufacturers operating today organize their selection into collections, and Moen is no exception. In fact, considering the close competition in technological advancements – the majority of companies, including Kohler, American Standard, Grohe, Delta Faucet, Price Pfister, and others have their own patents and trademark technologies – it is the design and aesthetics departments that emerge as true points of differences between all the brands.

A particular modernist collection, for instance Kohler Karbon, offers a unique look that no other brand even approaches in recreating, giving the company a powerful advantage in futuristic faucet design. Moen's dozens of collections form the company's own aesthetic foundation: categorized into Basic, Traditional, Transitional, and Modern, they render the shopping experience smoother and more pleasurable. Let's take a closer look at some of the offerings:

Moen Kingsley Wall Mounted Faucet
Moen Kingsley Wall Mounted Faucet


  • Showhouse focuses on surrounding accessories more than on primary faucets: shower spouts, towel rings and bars, shower arms, and robe hooks become the main products in this classically contoured line.

  • Kingsley presents a traditional, arching design that seems to replicate a fountain stream, by molding it into a metal frame. Low arch and single hole models opt for a more conservative, kettle-nose layout.

  • Monticello is a close relative of Kingsley – similar arching patterns, yet bolder, more modern in appearance. In particular, low arched faucets literally appear to want to leap from their places and fly away. Chrome and brass combos produce festive two-tone designs.

  • Vestige exhibits a massive, straightforward traditional architecture that revels in angular and Victorian era inspired lines; not beautiful in formal sense, its nostalgic frame generates a historic, almost antique atmosphere.

  • Eva collection reveals more transitional qualities: flowing, soft contours that brush with contemporary green/ecology ideas – yet keep everything bound by classic, even orthodox blueprint.

  • Icon demonstrates a seemingly experimental, bare design – one that has become a norm in contemporary bathrooms – that either reduces or completely dispense with many of the metallic parts. Modern, simple, minimalist yet not pretentious, this faucet collection stands out as one of Moen's most expressive and visually effective.


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