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Moldy Windows

Updated on September 29, 2010

 Its almost that time of year again, where the windows begin to sweat and all of the mold and mildew comes back after last springs massive cleaning effort.  Window condensation not only ruins your windows, it puts mold spores into the air that can dramatically increase asthmatic symptoms and cause other respiratory health problems.  Believe it or not, you window condensation problems are fairly simple to fix, but will require an investment.  If you do not take care of this now, however, you will be spending thousands of dollars on windows.  here is what is most likely happening.

Sweating Windows

Homes that are built more energy efficient, or are too tight contain a lot of moisture from the people who live in the house. The more people, the more showers, the more cooking, and the most breathing occurs. People put a lot of moisture into the air.  The solution to getting rid of the excess moisture, besides getting rid of the family members in your home, is to have an air recovery ventilator (ARV) installed.  The air recovery ventilator brings in fresh air from outside through insulated ductwork and also takes the stagnant air in the house and exhausts it, constantly renewing the air in the house.  For cold weather climates, the ARV is equipped with an electric heat exchanger and is sometimes referred to as a heat recovery ventilator (HRV).  While the constant air flow will not eliminate the window condensation during extreme cold weather, it will negate most of the condensation, enough to keep the windows from molding.

Other Factors

Other factors that cause condensation in a home are as follows:

Laundry vents

If you have laundry vents that have a heating trap on the vent, discontinue this practice as it can cause enough condensation in the home to have mold issues.

Humidification Units

Humidifiers are great for dry home air, but should not be creating air that has a relative humidity over 50%.  Adjust your dial accordingly to try and bring the moisture level down.

Bathroom Fans

If you have a few kids and everyone takes a shower in the morning without running the fan, this will contribute a huge amount of moisture in the air.  The bathroom ran has to run continuously when showering and for 15 minutes after you are done showering.

Window mold can be eliminated, but it may take some special equipment and will definitely take a change in lifestyle.


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