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Momeni Contemporary Area Rugs Review: Innovations, Elements, Deco, Veranda

Updated on January 6, 2015

Contemporary and Abstract

Momeni Innovations, Elements, Deco, and Veranda collections focus on a particular element of contemporary rug design: small and medium sized geometrical form, usually round or square, and painted in everything from bright red to pastel light brown. It's a well defined pattern that projects a mood of comfort and security – it may not be the most elaborate one artistically (where Persian Heritage and New Wave excel), but it imparts this particular warm homey feeling.

A notable change lies in the introduction of powerlooming technique, and synthetic materials. Momeni are aware that to many Western (especially North American) home decorators an area rug is not a central item of the interior – in such cases handmade techniques and pure wools would be unnecessary luxury.

The four collections offer area rugs in runner, square, and round shapes; Veranda is unique in that it offers outdoor rugs – carpets with various fiber protections from environmental influences.

Momeni Area Wool Carpet
Momeni Area Wool Carpet


This collection offers vivid and energetic designs hand-tufted from mod-acrylic fiber. The patterns present a playful attitude, employing colors that rarely appear in such quieter lines as Momeni Maison, or even Momeni Metro. Some of the squares appear like oversized pixels, clearly referring to the digital age (“nerdy rug?”).

Elements, Deco

Power loomed form New Zealand wool, these rugs were hand-serged to give them a personal finish. These are dense designs, developing the pixelation ideas of Innovations, but in a more solid, “grown-up” way – toned down colors, more intricate symmetries.

Veranda (outdoor rug)

Hand hooked from polypropylene this line of carpets stands out for its unseen enhancements – visually it borrows from New Wave, Harmony, and other brand patterns, featuring a mix of contemporary, transitional, and abstract visuals.

The materials in Veranda rugs are UV protected and mildew resistant, rendering them durable under sun and rain; on their official website Momeni promise “years of outdoor enjoyment.”


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