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Momeni Handmade Turkish, Navajo, Oriental Wool Rug Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

World Design

As North American and European audiences became more and more comfortable with oriental elements of design, rug companies introduced new esoteric and unusual patterns to their selection. Momeni contributed by creating three lines of hand tufted wool rugs: Aspen, which features American Navajo and Turkish ornaments, Koi, which incorporates Chinese characters and other classic Far East motifs, and Serengeti, a collection of animal inspired rugs (cheetah, giraffe, zebra, and tiger).

Each collection carries a unique character and mood, and will suit different apartment locations and interior design purposes. Serengeti carpets (think Lion King) project playfulness – though the dark colored variations might also impart a sense of danger; Koi reflects New Age sensibilities packaged with attention to fine detail, while Aspen (the Navajo and Turkish rugs) embodies tribal and nomadic aesthetic. Let's take a closer look:

Momeni Zebra Wool Hand Tufted Rug
Momeni Zebra Wool Hand Tufted Rug


These Momeni rugs borrow American Navajo and Turkish Kilim designs, recreating them in hand tufting technique and wool. The main visual force here becomes geometry; angular patterns organized in rhythmically corresponding units create a visual spectacle where everything seems to be in motion.

Navajo area rugs, undoubtedly evoked by nature, are especially effective at generating this particular fluid quality – they dispense with conventional oriental borders, in a way trying to echo nature itself.


Also handmade from wool, Koi rugs turn away from the tribal peculiarities of America, and display a civilized and refined oriental aesthetic, often intentionally stylized to appear slightly savage. Momeni pick up the rich concept of East vs. West conflict, and, exercising control, give it a few fresh interpretations. Classic patterns with a strip of Chinese characters also exist.


Serengeti is probably the least formal of Momeni weaves, relying purely on the animal world for inspiration. The rugs essentially replicate camouflage-type skins of various African animals. Interestingly enough, since these are handmade carpets, each item will be unique, much like the coloration of each zebra, tiger, and giraffe. The fun and comfort aspect of Serengeti foreshadows the Comfort Shag collection.


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