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Momeni Harmony Handmade Chinese Wool Area Rug Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Momeni Harmony

While in some Harmony rugs Momeni retain the visual structure of Persian and oriental carpet design – a border and a centerpiece – other models conspicuously depart from convention. These weaves display transitional patterns that have become their own classics: realistic botanical motifs and clean architectural descriptions that emphasize clarity and space rather than intricate complication.

Like Momeni Maison, this line of rugs exhibits clear European/New World influences, and will especially appeal to customers who seek balance between East and West, who want the richness and business of the orient, but in calmer package of Europe. And, similar to Maison, many Harmony rugs can act as suitable bases for small furniture pieces: the bare central fields in particular seem to ask for an outside enhancement.

Harmony area rugs come in rectangular, round, and runner shapes, and are handmade (hand-tufted) from Chinese wool.

Momeni Round Wool Rug
Momeni Round Wool Rug


Momeni Harmony collection epitomizes transitional design aesthetic. Conventional elements appear considerably reduced and trimmed, while free, undecorated space becomes a benefit rather than a disadvantage. In a way, these rugs have more room to “breathe;” the cooler winds of northern hemisphere would pass easily through their measured growth.

The treatment received by the central medallions reflects this trend well: instead of the jungle-like exuberance of Persian gardens, each flower becomes clearly delineated, often separated, while cartouches and cloud bands emerge as almost equal additions to the centerpiece.


The final step in the transition can be witnesses in the rugs with realistic botanical depictions. Here Momeni weave familiar European flora into the carpets, avoiding the trademark stylizations of classic and antique Persian rugs. Not surprisingly, these models do away with borders, employing the entire area for the blooms and the stalks.

To anchor the visuals into clear formations, designers and weavers arrange them into diagonal symmetries, leading to a fresh, yet soothing display – Momeni expressed this feature in the collection's title.


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