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Momeni Maison Hand Tufted Area Rug Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Contemporary&Transitional Maison

In Maison collection Momeni demonstrate how oriental and eastern traditions can be inspired, and even invigorated by European and New World aesthetic. Maison area rugs, rectangular, square or runner, host a conventional line design: elaborate borders with occasional corner flourishes, and a field with an allover pattern on which in many carpets spreads an additional medallion, vase, or floral ornament.

The main difference from Persian, or even tribal Afghan wool rugs lies in the treatment of space and use of color. While Iranian patterns appear to always strive for maximal visual intensity, where each knot has a clear purpose, Maison rugs display a unique spatial freedom. Whole areas remain undecorated besides backdrop color, and act as floating islands on which the eye can rest. In simple words, there's something laid back and discreet here that's generally characteristic of Western civilization.

Interestingly, this trend is already evident in Turkish and Egyptian rugs – two nations bordering Mediterranean Europe.

Momeni Maison Wool Rug
Momeni Maison Wool Rug


Various floral motifs dominate the ornament in Maison carpets: palmettes, bouquets, vines, and the occasional fleur-de-lis fill in the central medallion and the surrounding cartouches and borders. Botanical shapes reminiscent of lotus and asphodel also appear, lending the rugs a magical quality.

In general, the bursting, somewhat wild and twisting growth patterns offset the strict geometrical symmetry of the linear oriental design, producing slow burning visual tension.


Maison collection includes several models with a nearly or completely bare field: these rugs usually come with wider than normal borders and luscious corner embellishments. Such types of area rugs are especially suitable for placing under a piece of furniture, which will occupy the central enclave, leaving the borders clear and able to make an impression.

In order to address varying interior design needs, with each new model Momeni introduced more adornments to the field – starting with simple crisscross pattern, then adding bouquets, more vines, and so on – rendering Maison a versatile and well rounded rug collection.


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