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Momeni Metro Contemporary Handmade Wool Rug Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Momeni Metro

Momeni Metro area rugs provide an important alternative for New Wave collection. Many New Wave rugs display high energy levels: from brisk movement to high octane, they demand an appropriate interior design approach. Carpets from Metro collection show a much more calmer, meditative ornament – it's simple, featuring usually two tones of the same color, and effective, relying on horizontal and vertical symmetry.

Unlike many of its counterparts (Mandalay, Veranda), which come in runner, round and square shapes, Metro rugs are available almost exclusively in traditional rectangular weave. The reason, again, lies in the design: the power of the symmetry thrives on a rectangle, but would diminish on round rug. Indeed, separate items host additional inner rectangles that further emphasize the significance of this basic yet expressive geometrical shape. Like the majority of Momeni flooring, this selection is handmade (hand loomed) from wool.

Momeni Metro Contemporary Rug
Momeni Metro Contemporary Rug


The following categories present our intuitive suggestions for differentiation between patterns, and are not recognized as official Momeni titles.

  • Doors and Windows: this design reveals an “opening” at the center of the carpet, creating a conceptual semblance of a door or a window. The idea behind this composition fits with the overall soothing mood of these area rugs: a pathway toward air and nature, and lots of breathing space.

  • Horizon Sunrise provides more nature references in a surprisingly straightforward yet abstract way. A central strip painted in light green, brown, plum, or other colors, steadily gains in value as it expands towards the shorter outer edges. The transition, almost from white to black, and vice versa, creates a mesmerizing sunrise effect reflected on a water surface.

  • Checkerboard is the most conventional of all Metro rugs, featuring a border with stylized Greek keys, and an allover pattern of small squares. Persian design bared to the extreme, it still provides a source of aesthetic visual value, and will be very effective in a suitable setting.

  • Quarters, Sixths divide the carpet into respective areas and decorate them with simple linear ornament. Each area is painted with a different color/hue, producing a fluid sense of rhythm. Among Momeni's most quiet rugs.


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