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Momeni Oriental Area Wool Rugs Review: Persian, Sutton, Mandalay, Mahal

Updated on January 6, 2015

Momeni Persian

Momeni manufacture a range of Persian designed rugs: Persian Heritage, Sutton, Mandalay, and Mahal collections represent some of the brand's most popular antique patterns, performed in hand-tufting or powerloomed techniques, and weaved from pure wool. All four offer rectangular, square, and round area rugs that feature intricate backdrop delineated by a conventional border; evenly spreading allover patterns are more common than medallions centerpiece designs.

Deep, rich browns and reds (burgundy), with black, ivory, beige and greenish inclusions, determine the color scheme of these carpets – classical Persian palette. But, more importantly, the most Persian quality becomes the botanical motifs. Floral ornaments wind and twist in the form of cartouches, vines (with little blooms), and cloud bands, and, closer to the center, as palmettes, lotuses, and other (including magical) configurations. Symmetry organizes all these into rhythmical, often almost musical compositions. Momeni take pride in their Persian heritage, and clearly demonstrate it in these creations.

Momeni Round Wool Rug
Momeni Round Wool Rug

Persian Heritage, Persian Garden, Sutton (Peshawar)

These three collections stand out as the company's machine made alternative to the more laborious and costly handmade rugs. Powerloomed from New Zealand wool, they comprise all the visual and aesthetic qualities, but step back on the traditional front of personal craftsmanship – the goal here is to address utility rather than artistic needs in interior design.

These carpets can constitute excellent entry level flooring for families or decorators trying out new ideas, but interested in the rich oriental tradition.

Mandalay, Mahal

Two collections of classically designed Persian handmade rugs, Mandalay and Mahal display a luster Momeni boast as a brand trademark finish. Both weaves demonstrate a characteristic Eastern sultry mood – the vines wind languorously, spreading across the field and the borders, creating a dense, intricate garden of unmistakable hypnotic quality.

Saturated golden and burgundy colors dominate the color palette in a surprisingly gentle, inconspicuous way: hue is in complete harmony with the linear pattern. Though not as popular (at least temporarily) as New Wave rugs, these carpets are what Momeni became famous for.


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