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Momeni Oriental, Contemporary Wool Area Rugs Full Guide-Review

Updated on January 6, 2015


By offering a continuously expanding selection of oriental and contemporary rugs for the last four decades, Momeni established themselves as a leading name in the carpet flooring industry. Momeni both make and market hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and hand-hooked rugs displaying a range of antique and modern ornaments, all woven by Chinese and Indian professionals. Machine-made (power-loom) area rugs constitute a separate category where the company addresses personalized demands, allowing customers to choose from hundreds of available patterns and shapes.

In terms of ornamentation, Momeni not only provide the familiar traditional designs – employing Persian (Iranian), Turkish, and other Oriental patterns – but actively create new fashion trends in the rug industry. The largely contemporary abstract New Wave collection in particular stands out as one of the brand's most successful contributions.


Among various kinds of materials, natural New Zealand and Chinese wools, as well as synthetic mod-acrylics become the primary products Momeni use to make their rugs. Some collections (Java, Concord) include additions of silk – though they are not silk rugs, but wool rugs with silk components. Synthetics most often appear in playful and figurative carpets (Lil Mo, Comfort Shag), while wool and silk, the former by far outweighing the latter, in the rest.


Momeni focus on handmade rugs: hand-tufted, hand-hooked, hand-knotted, and hand-weaved are all techniques that can be found in the company's products. A few collections feature power-loomed (machine made) rugs, and the company even encourages customers to design and order their own ornaments for machine made carpets – but, handmade comes forth as the technique Momeni take a special professional pride in. Many powerloomed pieces were serged or otherwise finished by a human hand.


By gradually introducing fresh designs, Momeni succeeded in creating a well-rounded selection of carpets that covers ornaments from antique to modern. The company aims to hermetically address various interior needs by manufacturing both area (round, rectangle, square, oval octagon) and runner type rugs.

Oriental (Conventional Persian, Indian, Afghan, Turkish) feature bordered fields with medallions, vases, arabesques, and cartouches; geometrical motifs create effective allover patterns and/or complimentary embellishments.

Transitional rugs provide a smooth entry into contemporary design, foreshadowing the fascinating (and sometimes shocking) images of abstract New Wave, Innovations, Impressions, and Elements collections. (And indeed, the latter three offer both styles.) Transitional aesthetic will usually display at least one naturalistic or conventional element.

Abstract/Contemporary designs became very popular during the last few years, sometimes rivaling oriental carpets in sales. These are among the most expressive, colorful, and fascinating patterns Momeni have to offer. Freely borrowing ideas from such painters as Klimmt and Mondrian, or inventing new visions, these rugs can make a powerful statement or blend in, depending on color and composition specifics.


Alongside traditional Tibetan, Iranian, Chinese and other ornaments, Momeni employ contemporary and abstract patterns, imposing them on both its runner and area rugs. Out of about eighty collections, these are among of the company's best known collections:

  • New Wave today is undoubtedly Momeni's most popular line of area rugs. It accommodates over yet another eighty patterns, the majority of which display clear abstract characteristics, all playing with colors and shapes, creating a distinct visual and textural realm. While some New Wave carpets replicate images created by such icons of abstract painting as Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Rothko, others opt for looser compositions. The real strength of New Wave collection lies in its ability to project stability on the one hand and fun and humor on the other.

  • Metro can be characterized as “New Wave light:” it eschews the sharp unexpected turns swinging in many rugs from the latter department, going instead for meditative soothing configurations. Earthly, pastel tones harmonize with simple linear movement. Above all, symmetry plays an important role in Metro.

  • Maison rugs feature architecturally inspired ornaments, exhibiting luscious palmettes and lotuses, prominent borders, and other conventional elements, all arranged in allover or medallion patterns. Unusual collection in that it projects a clear European look while relying on oriental aesthetic.

  • Harmony sheds more orthodox elements, presenting architectural or imaginative floral garlands on the one hand, or strikingly bare surfaces on the other – these will suit locations where a piece of furniture should stand on the rug. Peculiar diagonal and radial symmetries give harmony rugs their name.

  • Java, Tibet, Delhi: Transitional carpets with various degrees of abstraction depending on the model. Rich florals, and contemporary, western designs.

  • Innovations, Elements, Veranda, Deco: simple geometrical (linear, rectangular, round, oval, and others), or elaborate, labyrinthine patterns all project the idea of infinity. Among Momeni's most visually arresting area rugs.

  • Persian Heritage&Garden, Sutton, Mahal, Old World: Momeni go back to classic Persian and Indian design with these ornaments. Rich gardens and expressive fields decorated with medallions, cartouches and vases and delineated by intricate borders. Handmade or powerloomed.

  • Aspen, Koi, Serengeti: American Navaho, Turkish Kilim, Chinese, Kenyan inspired weaves that extend Momeni reach further away towards Africa, the Americas and the Far East. Surprisingly warm, comfortable visuals.

  • Spencer, Coastal, Capri, Comfort Shag: area rugs featuring floral, aquatic and figurative marine motifs (except the latter collection), often arranged in playful, gentle compositions clearly intended for the younger generation. Comfort shag offers a classic shag rug, colored from beige and brown to pink and lime – another evidence to Momeni aesthetic flexibility.


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