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Momeni Wool Spencer, Capri, Coastal, Shag Area Rug Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Momeni Comfort

With these fours rug collections Momeni take a break from the complexities and prescriptions of Persian and oriental ornamentation. Designs here are playful, sprightly, innocent; techniques include hand tufting, hand hooking, and powerlooming; materials comprise wool and mod acrylic. In other words, the common element becomes expression of fun and versatility, rather than sustained intricate pattern and technique – these area rugs are intended to act as everyday objects of comfort rather than high-end home decorations.

While Comfort Shag comes in over a dozen often contrasting colors, the main background hue of the other three emerges as light blue (neutral gray and beige also play a role). Aquatic and marine elements – fish, plants, beacons – all surrounded by sea, naturally appear as common themes. Some of the rugs were divided into strips not unlike comics. Let's take a closer look:

Momeni Wool Shag Rug
Momeni Wool Shag Rug


Hand hooked and wool made, it's relatively traditional, featuring a clearly delineated border and field. The visuals, however, drift away from the familiar, opting for lively vivacious growth and flow anchored by only a tentative symmetry. This weave is perfect for customers who want a rug that is clearly that, yet doesn't look like one.


Coastal carpets show marine life described in innocent straightforward way, intended for kids or outdoors use. Though designed in a playful fashion, the result is very pragmatic: each rug becomes an object of play, and can act as a place of special significance.


Capri is a powerloomed collection reminiscent of Harmony, and oriental Java and Tibet wool weaves. The main difference lies in the looser combinations of abstract elements with figurative botanic ones – another New World influence.

Comfort Shag

Shag rugs, round or rectangular, are hand tufted from mod-acrylic, and single-tone painted in a range of colors, some of them truly surprising (peacock, lime, rust). Momeni's simplest area rug, it vies with Persian ornaments in effectively projecting the elusive idea of comfort.


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