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Money Plants - Easy To Care House Plants - Money Plant Feng Shui

Updated on December 22, 2016

Money Plants Information - Facts, Myths And Feng Shui

Money plants are very easy to care house plants. You can grow money plants both indoor and outdoor. There are many varieties of money plants that you can grow in your garden. You can find most information on money plants like the plant care, facts, myths and feng shui here.

Money trees are different from money plants and it is easy to confuse between both kinds as they have very similar names. We are discussing about money plants here, not the money trees. However, money trees or money tree plants are also very good house plants as known in feng shui for bringing good luck and money, even though we are not discussing about them here.

Money plants are very good plants to grow in your home according to Feng Shui beliefs.

Money plants are known for the myths associated with it. The most popular myth associated with money plants is that if you plant money plant in your house, it will bring good luck and you can earn money, resulting in good financial situations

This is a good myth which gives hope to many people. I do not know if there is any truth with this myth, but I did plant two money plants in my home before I started working as a freelancer, and I did see some increase in my earnings. The fact is that I started my freelance work prior to planting the money plants in my home, so I can't say for sure if my monetary gains are due to the money plant effect or not.

However money plants are lovely garden plants and there are other reasons why I planted them in my home. Money plants are so easy to care and maintain for. They just grow and you don't have to water them daily. They just grow healthy if you water on alternative days when the soil is dry.

Another myth associated with money plants is that you should not give your money plant which is growing in your home to anyone else. According to this myth, if you give away your money plant, it will have a negative effect on your financial status. However, when I shifted my home, I couldn't carry my plants with me and so I had to plant them somewhere else, where they would be cared for.

You can grow your money plants in a medium sized pot with some soil in it or you can grow the money plant from a small stem inside a bottle with some water in it.

The photo of money plant that you see below is of the variety popularly known by the name 'Golden Devil's Ivy' which is a climbing vine. You can grow them in a pot filled with soil or just plant it in the ground directly, and you can give them some kind of support to help them climb on. The scientific name for Golden devil's ivy money plant is Epipremnum aureum and they some beautiful flowers also but they are grown primarily for the beauty of their leaves.

Some times people would love to allow their money plants to climb on naturally onto walls or other structures to have a naturally beautiful looking climbing vine in the garden. This is possible if you have a quite large backyard or some extra growing space for your money plant. But personally, I find this quite difficult to handle with as they can be invasive if you allow them to grow naturally. I prefer giving the vines a kind of support like a strong stem or something that allows the money plant vines to climb on it.

The Golden devil's Ivy money plants have beautiful green leaves with light yellow or ivory colored strikes or patterns on it, which looks very attractive in ornamental gardens. The colorful, printed leaves are the main attraction of these kind of money plants.

In fact, all money plants have unique, beautiful and attractive leaves on their own kind and they make excellent house plants whether you grow them indoor or outdoor.

Money Plants can be invasive plants if you don't control the growth and take proper care of it to prevent the natural invasive growing nature. They tend to develop very thick stems and are almost impossible to remove once they have fully grown. So it is always advisable to keep them small and prevent from being invasive. The money plant leaves can cause allergies to pets, so it it important to keep your pets away from the plants or make sure they are not having contact with the money plant leaves.

Neverthless, these are one of the most decorative house plants you can have in your home or office, which you can use to decorate your outdoor or indoor rooms. It is common to use small money plants to decorate kitchen, living rooms, aquariums etc.

Money Plant Photo
Money Plant Photo

According to the Feng shui belief, money plant is a very good plant to grow at home as they bring good luck and more money to your home.

So in brief, there are many reasons for one to have money plant in their garden.

Money plants make excellent ornamental plants with full, lush leaves in green and sometimes yellow patterns, and they are good feng shui plants that may bring good luck, money and prosperity to you if you have them in your home.

There are many popular varieties of money plants available for gardening. These variations are mainly based on the difference in leaves, like some have beautiful light yellow, white, ivory or light green patterns in their leaves. All those are similar kind of money plant varieties you can find.

The most common variety I have found is the golden devil's Ivy money plant, but I also had another varieties at my home.Below you can see the photo of one of the money plants I had at my home, I can't find the photo of the other variety I had. This one has very beautiful light green leaves. The popular names associated with money plants are golden devil's ivy money plant, Chinese money plant etc.

You might have heard about another kind of plants known as jade plants, but they are actually money trees which are quite different from the money plants we are talking here.

As I mentioned above, these are easy to care for, and mine too did grow with out much efforts. Some money plant varieties tend to climb a lot, even through the walls so it is important to prevent the over growth of such large money plants as they can turn invasive.

I didn't want my money plants to climb through the walls, so I had given enough support for them to grow. I also bought the ones which don't climb too much. I had planted them indoor, but in my balcony, where it was near to the window grills, where the plants could climb a little if they wanted to.

Money plant I had at my home
Money plant I had at my home

As I mentioned above, caring for money plants is very easy compared to caring for other kinds of ornamental garden plants.

Money plants need sunlight, preferably a good source of indirect sunlight. My money plants were growing indoor near the window, so they were not subjected to very harsh sunlight. If you wish to grow money plants, you can find small varieties which are perfect for indoor use.

You can grow them in a medium sized pot with soil in it and you can give some support for it to climb on, if the money plant you have selected is the climbing variety. You can also directly plant them in the ground, if you are getting plants that grow large and if you are planting them outdoors.

The most simple way to grow an indoor money plant is to grow them with roots inside a bottle with some fresh water. Routinely change the water, but this way you can have small, decorative indoor money plants for home decor.

I love how the money plants look, adding the beautiful greenery to your indoor or outdoor, with out having to care for them so much. Even if you forget to water them for a couple of days, it is fine.

You can find different types of similar money plants, with very slight differences in the leaf colors, size and growing patterns. You can choose whatever type of money plant you love, as every kind of money plant has a different unique look, but they are all decorative ornamental garden plants.

The below video tutorial from YouTube shows how to grow money plant easily at your own home.

YouTube Video Shows How To Grow Money Plant Easily

I love money plants and love how they look in gardens whether planted indoor or outdoor. If you love money plants or if you want to share more information on money plants like any varieties that you know personally, please feel free to share them in the comment section.

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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      2 years ago from Texas

      I have seen these plants before and they did not help as they were supposed to do, but I loved them anyway.

      Thank you for the information and pictures.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      After seeing the photo I realized that yes, I've had a these before. They grow very quickly and are climbers. I just didn't know what they were called. I'd love to make more money with their help.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Money plants are beautiful. If I didn't have pets I would definitely get one of them. I'd love to earn more money! Thanks for sharing the information.


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