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Montana Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Updated on July 27, 2010

Natural beauty is this state's most valuable commodity.  The landscape stretches on endlessly over the horizon and the valley breaks way into a fantastic mountain scape.  To protect Montana's environmental beauty while saving some extra money, you can take advantage of the current rebate programs available to you in Montana.

Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

This program is a rebate program that is designed to pay Montana utility customers back for a portion of the money they spend on energy efficient appliances.  Montana is at the forefront of residential building control incentives that can drastically reduce use the energy a home uses through programing options and building automation technology.  The standard rebates for the installation of energy efficient equipment still apply as follows:

Demand Controllers: free installation in existing homes
Electric Resistance Heat with Demand Controller: $15/kW
Electric Water Heater: $1-$2 per tank gallon; $100 bonus w/demand controller
Geothermal Heat Pumps: $200 per ton, up to 6 tons, and $50 thereafter
Electric Heat Pumps: $150 per ton

There are other energy efficiency rebate programs in Montana that do not cover the above rebated items and instead are simplified to give basic rebates to homeowners that purchase energy efficient furnaces (90% AFUE rating or better) and programmable thermostats.  This utility rebate is sponsored only by the Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU) and is the most basic energy efficiency rebate program in teh United States.  This program has been simplified because of the vast area and lack of other participating utilities in Montana.

As with all rebate programs, not all utility companies participate.  To find out if you qualify for any of these utility based rebate programs, call your utiliy company or chamber of commerce. 



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