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Morels Mushrooms Will Grow if the Conditions are Just Right, Our Lucky Day and Making a Morel Bomb

Updated on April 24, 2012

Morel Growing in Our Parking Lot Outside Our Apartment

My son showing the morel mushroom and where he found it.
My son showing the morel mushroom and where he found it.

The Morel!

A little dry, I chopped it up and mixed it with soil and decaying leaf litter.
A little dry, I chopped it up and mixed it with soil and decaying leaf litter.

Our Lucky Day

By: Cow Flipper Proud Member of the: ScribeSquad Team with Hubpages Apprenticeship Program!

So I went out the other day to the Jacksonville Cemetery to see if I could find some morels popping out there behind the cemetery in the hills with my wife and little girls. We didn't find any out there, I guessed we had gone to late to the location since it is very popular with the locals. So I drove 15 minutes up the mountain to a place called Bunny Flats but the ground was covered in poison oak and that was not something I wanted my babies to have to contend with. So I drove back down into Jacksonville again to hike up to the local water tower up behind the Brit Theater, needless to say I was bummed when I didn't find any mushrooms. Now granted, when ever my wife has gone with me morel mushroom hunting we never find any mushrooms. I almost think the morels can feel her coming and purposely go straight into blending mode.

Nah but our lucky day came the next day when my son went outside to throw out the trash at our in town apartment complex and there in front of our house was a morel growing out of the asphalt in the parking lot. My son came running in while I was doing the dishes and asked me to come identify the fungus. I knew right away it was a morchella or morel. The distinctive scent and its ridges were unmistakable. I was shocked when he showed me where it had come from and I ran inside to get the camera. What a treat it was to get a morel right out in front of my apartment. I am so ready to head to the hills now and find me some more. But first I had an experiment to try out.



A Pot

Rid-X Septic Cleaner

To make the litter decompose and mix with the soil Rid-X is full of the same active bacteria in all soil in concentrated form. Sprinkle this on the leaf matter layers of your litter pile.
To make the litter decompose and mix with the soil Rid-X is full of the same active bacteria in all soil in concentrated form. Sprinkle this on the leaf matter layers of your litter pile.

How to Make a Morel Bomb

You have to replicate the forest or orchard growing conditions from which they spring forth naturally. So you layer soil and leaf decay and add into it some Rid-X septic treatment. What this does is add enzymes to the soil that make the bacteria in the soil go wild. The bacteria soon go into overdrive and decay the soil quickly creating warmth. Layer the soil to leaf and give your mushrooms about six inches depth in the earth leaf layer. Remember you are recreating the conditions that happen in the forest. Now chop up the morel into fine pieces and sprinkle the material on the top of your litter. Then cover the morel with soil and leaves to about six inches.

After enough time has passed you will have yourself some morels. All that is needed is the right spot and weather and boom your sporia are spawning! Add some burnt wood to the mixture as well since it seems wood gives the morels plenty on which to eat.


  1. Find morels and gather the spore by creating a spore print or by chopping the morels into fine pieces.
  2. Take a deep pot and layer the pot with soil, rotten leaves, and a layer of mixed leaves and soil.
  3. Spread the spores or chopped up morel pieces on top of the leaf and soil mixture.
  4. Cover the morel with more leaf and soil mixture.
  5. Add another layer of rotting leaves and add bark to the mixture, if you have burnt wood place it on top as well.
  6. Add another layer of soil to that and scoop of Rid-X.
  7. Add another layer of leaves.
  8. Spray the mixture with a mister till soaked through.

Keep it Going:

  • Don't just try it once. Since morels are a very expensive mushroom to buy you can also sell your cultivations to mushroom buyers just like the pickers do.
  • Build a mushroom box and repeat the same process yearly.
  • Make sure your growing area has at least 6 to 8 full hours of daylight and then shadowing in the late afternoon.
  • Mist the ground daily soaking to the planter all the way down.

Hope You Had Fun

Thanks for checking it out and good luck!

To learn more about Morel Mushrooms and Mushroom Hunting please visit my other hubs listed below.


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