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Moroccan Style

Updated on June 21, 2013

All about Moroccan Style

I have always adored the Moroccan style of décor from the exotic lamps to the exquisite collapsible coffee tables. It reminds me of the fantastic Casbah in Morocco with exotic goodies everywhere, from those pointed slippers to carpets and leather poufs. The Casbah is a walled section of the city with loads of market stalls or stores as they call it. It is a maze where you can get pretty lost.

The Tables have all the intricate carvings, my parrot loves climbing up my collapsible coffee table, and I am pleased he has not chewed on it, scary if he does. The attention to detail is so delicate with inlaid copper or bronze not sure.

The lamps are equally exquisite with the different colors in glass especially at night with the light glistening through the colors be it yellow or green or blue. It just adds that exotic touch to a room, or the garden lamps you can have on your patio with candles in or convert it into an electric lamp, stunning whichever way you use it.

When I think of Morocco I see all the blues from the sky colors, whether it is in tiles or cushions. There furniture is so uniquely different with the highly decorated details, all the skilled artisans who work so hard to create this perfect pieces.

Some of the Moroccan Tables and Lamps

Inlaid Moroccan table
Inlaid Moroccan table
Full view of a small Moroccan Table
Full view of a small Moroccan Table
Moroccan Lamp
Moroccan Lamp
Garden Lamp
Garden Lamp

A few images of Moroccan Decor

Moroccan decor
Moroccan decor | Source
cushions & glasses
cushions & glasses | Source

Moroccan Home Decor

Moroccan home décor is firstly something that mixes well with other styles of décor so you could mix and match with what you already have. You can achieve an eclectic look that could be quite elegant, smart and practical. Of course one thing is for certain you will have lots of color, lots of texture and luxurious look. One thing for certain is the rich intense colors that cast that magic spell on us all who see the places on a visit to Morocco or simply in stores that sell Moroccan home décor items. The intense blue color that is so reminiscent of the Mediterranean, like the Greek Islands as well, as well as the raw terracotta clay décor items which range in colors from a paprika spice color to the shimmering yellow of the Sahara desert.

More on Morocco

Morocco is situated in North Africa with a history and a rich cultural heritage which expresses itself in artistic themes, which adds to the mystery and magical place. The culture of Morocco is a mix of five ethnic groups, Arab, Berber, Islamic, African and Iberian. If you have seen Casablanca the famous old movies with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Harry's Bar in Casablanca. It became quite a in place for a lot of foreigners tapping into that same mystery and magic, all going to live there.

Two types of Moroccan décor:

Urban Moroccan décor

Ceramics, metal, wood and leather.

Rural Moroccan décor

Rugs, fabrics and embroideries influenced by the Middle East.

Luxury Furniture Moroccan Decor

Room Decorating Ideas

Room decorating ideas using Moroccan furniture and décor lets you stretch your imagination to great lengths creating an uniquely different room. The beauty of Moroccan furniture and décor is the bright bold colours, unusual textures, hand carved designs, tiles and fabrics.

Living room furniture and décor

You can use a whole range of unusual sofas and benches in different fabrics and patterns that are all handmade in Morocco and you have something apart from your friends. You can add to your collection with special pieces, see the little Moroccan table, very special.


Camel Bone Mirror, with the amazing detail so stylish, catching the eye of all your visitors.

Ceramic, Glass décor items

Moroccan vases, bowls, plates, or as some of them are called tagines.

Fabrics and tapestries

Add some throw pillows to your sofa or bedroom, and of course Moroccan tapestries so rich in textures.

Wall Decoration

Moroccan Wall Shelves

Display your Moroccan vases, glasses, artwork and other accessories on your wall shelves.

Moroccan Home Lighting

Lamps, lanterns, wall sconces to add a touch of mystery to your living room, bedroom making the lights a focal point on the wall.

Moroccan Rugs on Wall as Art

In Morocco they use intricately designed rugs as wall decorations, rather than how we would use them just on the floor. Embroidered tapestries work great as well, with all the bright colors and the design on them.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors can add extra features and depth to a room, as Moroccan mirrors can be pretty elaborate with metal frames. So they use the wall sconces with a mirror in between so it can reflect the light, wonderful. Mirrors can also make a room appear larger adding depth and of course enhances it as well.


Paint can add that warmth that is so authentic Moroccan, earth colors great for adding those awesome Moroccan home décor items.

Some pieces of Moroccan Furniture


A wide range of side tables are available

Berber Moroccan Table, Bone In-Lay Table, Hand-Painted Moroccan side tables, Metal and Bone table, Brass table, Tall Moroccan side tables, Mother of Pearl tables, Moroccan Wood Table.

Lamps & Lanterns

Moroccan chandeliers with a range of colored glass inserts in with the intricate design of filigree just are so awesome to look at especially as the light shining through creates pure magic.

Scones, which are wall lamp.

Outdoor Lamps

Hanging Lamps

Henna Lamps, made with skin and then hennaed, all lovely designs.

Ceiling light fixture, in metal designs, latice style.

Traditional Moroccan Lanterns, made by hand in brass and tin with the coloured inlays all authentic styled

Poufs, comes in a range of colors as well as the traditional tan colors, generally round but some are square, you can get a ottoman as well.

Screens, loads of designs, see the video on some lattice ones.

Rugs, comes in a vivid colors as well as tan colors, some amazing rugs in various fabrics and designs.

Moroccan Tea Glasses & Teapots, some amazing red glasses and other colors, trays, as well as teapots.

Tagines, used for cooking with, it has an opening in the top where the steam leaves through, normally in ceramics and pottery.

Moroccan Fountains, great for in your garden or indoor courtyard, the tiles are amazing and the designs as well.

A little poll on Moroccan Decor

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Moroccan Screens

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