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Unique Mosaic Tile Ideas

Updated on June 18, 2016

Introduction to Mosaic Tiles

In this hub I'll aim to provide you with some ideas for non-traditional mosaic tile designs.

Primarily being made from stainless steel, glass, stone and sometimes a combination of all three.

Modern and unique designs ideally suited for kitchen splashbacks or bathroom walls.

Hopefully you will gain some ideas for if you ever plan to buy mosaic tiles for a new home or renovation..

Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles

First up are some stainless steel mosaic tile ideas. The tile themselves are comprised of a ceramic backing glued to mesh and capped in stainless steel.

The stainless steel tiles vary between a brushed finish and a polished gloss finish. Mesh mounted for simple installation. Usually made from 304 grade stainless steel, they are suitable for any indoor wall applications.

Stainless steel provides a modern look to any kitchen splashback.

Cutting stainless steel tiles are a little bit different to other types of tiles, a scoring tool cannot be used. A cutting tool such as a motorised tile saw is best for cutting metal.

Not suitable for floors, walls only.

Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

Glass and Stainless Steel

Mosaic tiles can no longer be limited to traditional ceramic designs.

Some of these photos contain glass, steel and stone combined.

Again, stainless steel tiles are usually made from 304 grade stainless steel which is suitable for indoor wall purposes.

Click an image to view the full slideshow.

Stone Mosaic Tiles

Stone tiles made from either stone, slate or marble.

As stone is porous it is recommended to seal any stone tiles with a penetrating stone sealer. Depending on the tiles use, whether wall or floor tiles, Floor tiles receive the most wear so would require resealing over time.

Cleaning Mosaic Tiles

Caring for most varieties of mosaic tiles is easily done with a soft lint-free cloth using warm soapy water. Avoid anything abrasive that can scratch the tile, particularly with tiles containing metal.

Avoid using cleaning agents or anything acidic.

Glass cleaning sprays can be used to clean glass and stainless steel tiles.

Finally, mosaic tiles are ideal for maintenance. Because of small surfaces they can be easily maintained, unlike large areas where the scale is often visible, especially around the shower.

Sea Shell Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles made from sea shells. Mother of pearl tiles made from abalone shells and other varieties of shells.

Sea shell mosaic are fairly rare to see, at least here in Australia. Very few tile shops even sell them.

Shell tiles will usually come with a protective plastic film over the shell, this is to be removed after installation.

Copper Mosaic Tiles

Copper mosaic are ideal for creating an antique look. One of the most expensive varieties of mosaic tiles.

Copper will generate a natural patina over time, If you wish to prevent this, a monthly wipe over in oil such as olive oil will protect from tarnish.

Suitable for indoor wall applications.

Wooden Mosaic Tiles

Wood used in old boats couldn't just be any wood, it needed to be strong and cured for a long time before it became suitable for use in making boats.

When the time comes for those old wooden boats to be scrapped the wood is recycled and lives again as wall tiles.

These wooden tiles are of course for wall use only.


Many people will be afraid of mosaic tiles because they believe they are difficult to clean.

Today many grouts are available which have anti-mould properties. In particular epoxy grout is highly mould resistant. Whilst epoxy grouts are usually more expensive, they are highly recommended for the reduced cleaning required.

For metal tiles such as stainless steel or copper, be sure to use a non-sanded grout or the metal will be scratched during the grout installation.

Grouts come in many colours, we recommend choosing a grout colour that matches closely with the predominant colour of the tiles chosen.


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