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It's Time To Think About Mosquito Extermination

Updated on August 8, 2016
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Melody has volunteered with the CDC and is a member of the Medical Reserve Corps. She brings awareness to public health concerns.

Mosquito nets can put a barrier between you and mosquitoes.
Mosquito nets can put a barrier between you and mosquitoes. | Source

Is It OK To Eradicate Mosquitoes?

We could debate all day long on the ethics of eradicating mosquitoes. Before we even get to that point, let’s just think about what experts say. Scientists suggest that even though killing all mosquitoes might cause the world to lose a few plant species, the Butterfly Effect would not have any disastrous effects on people.

There are many scientists who believe that a zero-mosquito-environment would lead to millions more healthy human beings. Animal activates can take a deep breath; it is not likely humans have the ability to make mosquitoes go extinct, not right now anyway. The arctic alone is home to a kind of mosquito population in the high north, that would prevent that.

That leaves the citizens of the world with no other choice but to learn how to take steps to eradicate mosquitoes around their homes. Since it is unlikely we could make them go extinct, then we don't have to worry about mosquito extermination or eradication.

Pregnant women are only a small group of people who need be aware of mosquito diseases, and the need for controlling these bloodsuckers. Everyone can benefit from raising their mosquito awareness level.

To learn more about mosquitoes, check out these great facts.

No one wants to wear repellents, sprays and clips for the entire mosquito season. To truly be able to solve the problem consumers must understand what works and what doesn’t work. Most products work well, but there are some that are just engines for profit.

Most products that work use methods that rely on various techniques meant to break the life-cycle of a mosquito. If you can prevent or stop just one step of their life cycle, then you can get rid of them.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of mosquitoes has four distinct parts:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult

The mosquito life cycle has four parts. Break the cycle, and you cure the mosquito problem.
The mosquito life cycle has four parts. Break the cycle, and you cure the mosquito problem. | Source

Mosquito Control Truths

Eradication Takes Effort, Not Necessarily Money

Male Mosquitoes are considerably larger than females.
Male Mosquitoes are considerably larger than females. | Source

Common Mosquito Control Methods

What works:

  • Mosquito foggers
  • Insecticide
  • BTI water treatments
  • Citronella candels
  • Mosquito repellent clips and candles

You don’t even have to spend tons of money on getting rid of mosquitoes, check out this cool DIY Mosquito Trap!

Time or money?

Whats more important for mosquito eradication?

See results

How Else Might You Attract Mosquitoes?

There are many plants that mosquitoes like, and others they don't like.
There are many plants that mosquitoes like, and others they don't like. | Source

Plants That Attract and Repel Mosquitoes

Attract Mosquitoes
Deter Mosquitoes
Cone flower (Echinacia)
Lemon Grass
Holly Hocks

Plants Attract or repel Mosquitoes

The last think anyone wants to do is turn themselves, or their yard, into mosquito magnets. The plants in you yard might attract mosquitoes, or repel them. As seen in the chart above, there are lots of beautiful plants that can help you deter those pesky flyers.

Citronella is not just a candle, it comes from a plant. Lavender, smells beautiful and is said to ward away burglars. Who knows if that old folk tale is true, we do know that it wards away mosquitoes who want to steal your blood. Looks like it might be true after all!

When thinking about mosquito extermination it is essential to take the time to landscape your yard thoughtfully. With enough design and upkeep, mosquitoes won't be able to infest your yard.

Standing Water Attracts Mosquitoes

Standing water, even puddles, can propagate mosquito reproduction.
Standing water, even puddles, can propagate mosquito reproduction. | Source

Eliminate Standing Water Cuts Down Mosquito Population

So you know you have a mosquito problem, and you are not sure where to start. Most people begin by taking the advice to get rid of all standing water. An old bucket, a flower pot, or birdbaths, these are all places that mosquitoes can breed.

Your two options are to drain the water, and refill on a regular basis in the case of bird baths. Mosquitoes live in water after they hatch from the egg. By draining the water you can effectively stop them from maturing.

During the mosquito season plan to take regular walks around your property to look for sources of water that might be home to mosquito larva and eggs.

Sometimes there are situations where water cannot be drained. In those cases the CDC mosquito experts say to use BTI treatments. BTI treatments is the easy way to refer to Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis. BTIs are considered safe to humans and work because they are naturally deadly to mosquitos.

Yellow Led lights are invisible to mosquitoes.
Yellow Led lights are invisible to mosquitoes. | Source

Choose Products That Work

Mosquito Light Bulbs

Once you have taken measures to break a mosquito’s life cycle, it is time to think about products and deterrents. Many people buy bug zappers, those light shows of buggy death. If you don’t like the sound, or the expense, don’t worry. Technology has brought us yellow LED bug light bulbs.

These bulbs look just like regular light bulbs, domed or curly cue but look yellow. They fit in standard light sockets and can easily be used for porch, business and yard light fixtures. These light bulbs won’t go as far as zapping a bug, instead it emits a color of lights that mosquitoes cannot see, where regular bulbs attract mosquitos and other bugs.

Mosquito Candles, Clips and Repellents

This is where all the mosquito repellent products you see in advertising comes in. You may choose to invest in citronella candles, bug spray or the new bug repellent clips. Those are pretty well self explanatory an does not have to cost you a ton of money.

Consider Lawn Spay and insides

If you have tried the above two steps, and you still have a mosquito problem then it might be time to think about backyard mosquito lawn sprays and insecticides. Of course, if your reason for eradicating mosquitoes is pregnancy, you must consider the risk of the spray before you make a decision.

Mosquito Lawn Spray and Insecticide

Companies see the need for back yard and indoor mosquito control. There are thousands of products on the market, both natural and chemical. Some people have such a severe mosquito problem that clearing water, changing bulbs and lawn care doesn’t seem to cure the problem. Make sure to do safety research before choosing one of these methods.

What Not To Buy

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent

This is an example of a mosquito repellent that does not work. I know you can walk into Home Depot or Loews and see tons of expensive products that claim to deter mosquitoes with an ultrasonic frequency. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it. These cost a great deal of money and do virtually nothing to mosquitoes. Don’t waste your money on them.

The truth is that the best, and cheapest way to get rid of mosquitoes is to get yourself active. It is through your actions that you can take measures to greatly reduce your mosquito population. Killing mosquitoes doesn’t have to take a lot of money, but it will take some time and energy.

Time Enough For Awarness


Mosquito Awareness Levels Reduces Human Risk

The next step to keep mosquitoes away is to become aware about the things you might inadvertently be doing to attract them. Being aware of ourselves, and the habits we can change that attract these bugs, can help a great deal in keeping them away from the skin.

Did you know that perfume does attract mosquitoes? However, body oder and sweat also attract mosquitoes. To keep mosquitoes away, you want to try to maintain a neutral or natural smell. This means avoiding scented products. Sure you might want to smell like mountain rain, but that might attract mosquitoes, whether it is your shampoo, perfume or laundry soap.

If you really want to use scented products, then be aware of which sents attract them and which deter them. Lavender, lemon and peppermint, are three natural scents that do not attract mosquitoes, and might even deter them.

Knowing that, you might even become more aware about which plants you grow in your garden. For example, you might plant lavender and marigolds because they are natural’s natural bug repellent.

As a general rule of thumb, plants which need extra water, and that are aquatic in nature, will attract mosquitoes. When mosquitos look for plants, they are looking for the ones that contain that extra moisture in the stem (as talked about above).

This means that plants with smaller leaves are less likely to attract mosquitoes. This is not true across the whole board, as in the Sweet Gum tree that has large leaves but naturally repels mosquitoes, even in wet swampy areas.

Don't Panic, Just Take Action

If you follow these steps, you can greatly decrease your mosquito problems without spending tons of money. With the Zika scare, there are a lot of greedy people who might try to sell you expensive mosquito repellents and remedies. Don’t fall for the hype. With common sense, awareness and a few new habits you can eradicate mosquitoes once and for all.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 13 months ago

      Living in Florida we have enough of these pesky insects. I think I will plant lavender around my home to ward off these pests. Your article was well written and full of valuable information.

    • Evane profile image

      Lovely Evaine 13 months ago

      I agree. I hate mosquitoes!!