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Using Mosquito Traps to Control Mosquitoes

Updated on October 12, 2012
A Mosquito Trap
A Mosquito Trap

A good mosquito trap can be hard to find - and especially critical when what you can find is a mosquito every time you turn around. What works? What doesn't? What can you trust when searching for the right answer to your mosquito problems?

Smart Science Makes for Good Mosquito Traps

Gone are the days when mosquito traps fell into two categories - heavy chemicals such as foggers or those made from sticky paper and other unsightly materials. Dangerous and unsanitary, these products are being replaced as science has fortunately entered the picture with some nature-based ideas on how to rid your home and backyard of those blood-sucking pests. While many, many products and websites claim to have the magic cure-all and are an effective mosquito trap, the proof is ultimately in the results.

Bug "zappers" utilize light and a lethal buzz to the mosquito, but are found to be generally ineffective during testing in significantly controlling a mosquito population. They also don't differentiate between mosquitoes and harmless "good" bugs when attracting and destroying insects. Similarly, mosquito foggers lay out a cloud of chemicals which kill whatever flies into their path; not the safest net to cast in a backyard where children and pets play. It also reduces the bug population you actually want around - bugs which control the "pest" population you are trying to reduce yourself.

So the answer, as scientists have discovered (and continue to research), is to take what attracts the mosquitoes as a whole - the human being - and replicate their scents and sounds in order to effectively reduce the number of egg-laying and biting female mosquitoes which turn a backyard into a mosquito city, teaming with "citizens". The secret is to lure mosquitoes in with artificial attractants based on the things which draw mosquitoes towards their human and mammal prey.

Carbon monoxide, for example, can be released, thereby mimicking the breathing of a person or animal, drawing the mosquito closer and closer to the trap where they are then sucked in and ultimately destroyed. Sound pulses can also be used in conjunction with smell lures; the scent combined with a pulse will increase the attraction as the sound appears to the mosquito to be a heartbeat or pulse, thereby upping the draw of the mosquito trap to the mosquito.

A Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap
A Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap

An excellent example of the science-based trap is the Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap line. Using the science of mosquitoes, the company offers several models of their product which use Octenol, a synthetic component of human perspiration, and a U.V. lighting display which gives off light in the visible and invisible spectrum at frequencies known to attract mosquitoes. The entire trap is built in a way to be so attractive to mosquitoes that it effectively traps and kills them. This type of mosquito trap keeps the pests away from humans by being their mechanical stand-in; so many factors of attraction go into its construction that mosquitoes are hard-pressed to not find it attractive enough to eat. Another enormous plus is that Octenol is not harmful to pets, wildlife, or people, so it's safe to have a product such as Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap in your backyard and around the family. Some models are even available for indoor usage.

When you use a mosquito trap that uses Octenol, you can be sure to see results. In some testings, Octenol has been shown to increase the productivity of mosquito traps up to fivefold, as opposed to traps which only use light or carbon dioxide as an attractant.

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Catching and Trapping Mosquitoes

Since adult female mosquitoes search out their human meals by smell, technology which takes this into consideration is more likely to produce the right results. "Natural" mosquito repellent and trap research has increased considerably over recent years, as businesses seek to create products which not only work efficiently to kill mosquitoes, but also take into consideration the dangers of using chemicals around children, near pets, and in the natural environment. People want to rid their backyard and home of mosquitoes - but not at the risk of introducing harmful elements which may cause more problems in the end.

While no one item or solution is a magic bullet when it comes to trapping and killing mosquitoes, a combination of techniques will ultimately be your best solution to reducing the mosquito population that has been causing you discomfort. The first step is clearing your property of standing water and maintaining the least appealing breeding ground for female mosquitoes. Reducing the larvae is imperative and that can only be done through concentrating on the spaces where they'll thrive (moist, shaded areas are where the mosquitoes will go to breed and rest during the day). The second step is personal care - the application of a repellent, avoiding areas when mosquitoes are most active (from dawn til dusk), and wearing long-sleeved and lightweight clothing when outdoors. When combined with a technology and science based product, this combination can ease the mosquito problem in and around your home.

A safe, effective mosquito control plan addresses all stages of the mosquito's life, from egg to larvae to adult. It takes into consideration the role of water, human body chemistry and reliable technology. And most importantly, it does not promise a cure-all to your problem. Mosquitoes cannot be entirely controlled or removed from your property. The population can be minimized and you and your family's personal health and safety can be improved, but any product promising you'll never see another mosquito is not telling the truth! Buyer beware. You want to find a company which understands the actual nature of the mosquito and works with that knowledge to create the right sort of effective mosquito trap.

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Review of a Premier Mosquito Trap

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      farook 6 years ago


      i'm having innovations of mosquito & insect killer; by using new type attractants.

      hope that you may kindly allow me to submit them to your organization.

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    • profile image

      James 8 years ago

      I need something for inside the home that isn't a fog or other spray.

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      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thanks for this hub is is very enlightening

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      gelay11 8 years ago

      nice invention!!!!

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      Mosquito Traps 8 years ago

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      AndyBaker 8 years ago from UK

      That trap looks amazing.

      Great hub.

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      This has a lot of useful information. I need one of these traps. I have the zappers but they mainly catch moths and flies. In fact they attract the moths to the light so you get more flying about.

      Thanks for sharing this