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Most Common Questions about Convection Oven

Updated on August 2, 2017

Convection oven circulates and constantly distributes heated air by use of a fan. When the hot air blows onto the food instead of surrounding it, the cooking process is a bit quick. Circulating hot air around the food speeds up heat transfer rate that occurs naturally when different air densities converge. The acceleration effect is among the reason as to why convection cooking is achieved. The following are answer to the questions asked about convection cooking.

1. What really is carry-over cooking?

When food is taken out of the oven, it continues cooking. The larger the dish used the longer the carry-over. Due to this reason, you should give you meat some ten minutes after taking it out of the oven to allow some more cooking and retain its juices.

2. Are special plans essential in the convectional cooking?

These are not essential though there are some other cookware which work better compared to this. For instance, light colored or bright aluminum have a higher preference due to the anodized finishes on their bake ware which lead to quick browning of food. However, earthenware, ceramic dishes and some other glass dishes are never affected by some direct heating thus bottom element use is required.

3. Is there a benefit of roasting meat in a convection oven?

If you correctly place your meat on the roasting rack, convection will immediately sear the meat lock its juices and continue cooking it. Some recipes require you to first brown the roast on the cooktop then transfer it to the oven. When using a convection oven, the browning is not important since the convection air sears the roast in the course of the roasting process.

4. Is temperature adjustments essential during convection cooking?

Most recipes require temperatures lowered to 25 degrees. Due to increase in heat movement within the oven cells, food sears faster. Food will also cook at the same rate even with the lowered temperatures.

Adjusting Convection Oven Temperature

Adjust Temperature while using Convection Oven

5. Can one use a pizza stone or a baking in a convection oven?

Yes. The stones should actually be hot to for a brown, crispy crust on bottom part of bread and pizza so are recommended during preheating. Inserting it at the lowest rack position brings it as closer as possible to the element and allows the reaching of acceptable temperatures.

6. Are there some different types of convection?

Yes. European or true convection refer to the third element mainly placed at the back of the oven. This is what essentially results in even baking in convection oven. Fan-assisted convection ovens apply the use of bottom element together with the fan at the back to distribute heat.

7. Are foods able to cook faster in convection oven?

The difference between convection versus conventional oven is that, roasted items in the convection oven will cook 30 percent faster than those in the conventional oven. This will also mean that your meat will cook faster with some good sear in convection oven and allow the meat remain juicer and moister. Due to the lowered temperatures in the convection cooking, baked foods will require their full time for the right cooking.

8. Is essential to use boiler plans which come with convection oven?

There are highly recommended mostly for draining oil down below when boiling which eliminates excessive smoking and flare ups. When boiling low fat content foods, heavy duty sheets pan will be sufficient. Nevertheless, thinner sheet pans may possibly buckle under strong heat resulting to uneven boiling.

9. Is basting of roasts essential when using convection?

No. The convection blower instantly sears the meat during roasting, locking all its essential juices. If using marinade which is high in sugar, ensure you wait until last minute of the cooking process. This will enable the roast to have a good sear deprived of burning the crystalized marinade.The convection are is able to sear quickly even the marinades with sugar.

10. Is preheating of the oven essential?

Yes. All convection oven should be preheated. In some types, more than one is used in the course of preheat which can result in burning the food. The oven indicates when the preheat cycle is over. It is advisable that you always start with a hot pan or oven. This will enable you to greatly control the heat.

How to Preheat Convection Oven

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