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Most useful bee boxes for sale

Updated on May 7, 2013

Picture of a bee box


Bee boxes for sale on the market

Bee boxes for sale are not that easy to find. Not only do people confuse them with bee hives, but people also misunderstand their use. On this page we will see what the bee box really is and where to get some quality designs.

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What exactly is a bee box?

Bee boxes are often confused with bee hives. In all fairness the first thing that came to my mind when hearing bee box was a square bee hive. But the uses for a hive and a bee box are very distinct.


The beehive is used to provide long term homes for bees. It can be made out of various materials, but believe my word for it, that more natural is always better and healthier. It can be made in various shapes, from wood, rope plastic, some even use glass. In any case, the bees can multiply, store honey and live through the winter in a beehive. In nature, a beehive is made by worker bees in a hole or on trees.

If you are considering getting a beehive, see this page about the beekeeping starter kit, which features all the supplies you will need for using your beehive.

Bee boxes

Classic bee boxes are used to capture bees. Instead of buying bees, which is sometimes a bad idea, catching your own, having them make a nest and then transferring them into a hive is a great idea. Not only because the bees are free, but they are of better quality. Some bee varieties are hard to get (there are thousands of bee varieties), so this is the perfect method to acquire your bees.

The process of catching bees is passive, you set up a bee box and they move in. If hunting for bees, you may use a bee box which is specifically designed to capture bees (see the video further down the page).

Video on bee boxes

What to consider when choosing a bee box

  1. material- prefer wood over plastic, glass or metal
  2. paint or wood protective layers should be as natural as possible
  3. the box should, when bees move in reinforced against predators, if you do not plan to move your bees

Bee boxes for sale

Coveside Solitary Bee House
Coveside Solitary Bee House

A cheap but quality made bee box.


Things to note when using a bee box

People sometimes leave bees in their bee boxes. Often that is a bad idea. Predators such as birds (especially woodpeckers), wasps and other insects can annoy the bees and even degrade the state of your bee box (especially the woodpeckers!). I would suggest moving your new bees into larger hives or at least putting some protective layers (metal for example) on the roof of your bee box to help fend of those nasty birds!

The other thing to do, when facing attacks from wasps is to plug at least some holes, so the wasps have limited entry points. Believe me, bees are more than capable of defending their home!

Other than that, enjoy the wonderful addition to your environment and garden that the bees bring!

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