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Moths and Flies Simple Ways to Get Rid of Them

Updated on April 20, 2010

I am sure that if you have studied any grade school science book that you know flies and moths have been around for quite some time. The downside is that even though they have been around for such a long time we as humans have not fully identified how to rid our homes of them. Most of the time they are seen in our kitchens during the summer months trying to land on any food that we have or if the moth is involved trying to get into our closets to wreck our fine clothing. Now I am sure that you have seen the commercially available items, but who really wants to use extra chemicals in our kitchens?  Here are some organic fly and moth control methods that can help you out tremendously and the best part is that most of these methods are cheap and you’re able to do in a matter of minutes.

One thing that you might not realize since flies seem to be drawn to your kitchen is you will want to use fresh herbs around the kitchen. The first fresh herb that you will want to have around your home is fresh mint leaves in a little package. You will want to have these leaves crushed up for it to be effective. However, if you are looking for additional herbs that are not going to make your home smell minty you will want to consider using eucalyptus leaves, cloves, and bay leaves. Between those items you will quickly discover that the flies do not like the scent and will vacate the area that the items are located in.

The second fly repellent actually isn't a repellent, but more of a trap. While you have probably paid quite a bit of money to have the ready made fly traps you can easily save yourself a fortune and make the fly paper yourself! To do this you just need a small amount of syrup (corn or maple works best) the amount that I like is a quarter of a cup. Then you will wake a tablespoon of brown and regular sugar mix it in with the syrup. You will then put some construction paper into the mixture and allow soaking to occur overnight. Then after you have let it soak you will take and hang the paper up with string in an area that flies seem to be attracted to. You will notice that the flies will get stuck to this paper and then you can dispose of them in a manner that you see fit.

Now that the fly issue is hopefully being solved for you then you might be asking about the moths. If you’re like most of us you have clothing that you wear on a frequent basis, but then you have other clothing that is stored in the closest for years upon years only to discover that moths have taken over your closest. To help protect your clothing from moths the first thing that you can do is take some cedar chips in a bag or juniper oil onto fabric that your not going to wear and hanging them up in the closet. This will help protect your clothing from the moths and make sure that old clothing smells good for some time. 

If you want to directly protect your clothing then you are not going to want to use anything that will damage them. Some things that I have seen people use is little cloth baggies of lavender, rose petals, or even rosemary. They would put those cloth baggies in between the folds of the clothing and inside of pockets which kept the moths away from the clothing. 

Keeping flies and moths away doesn't have to be that difficult of a task or even involve spending a ton of money on commercially available products. Just following these simple tips can help you keep the flies and moths away from your home and guest without exposing anyone or anything to harsh chemicals which for most of us allows for the best of both worlds.

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