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Motion Sensing Lights

Updated on August 19, 2009

Motion sensing lights are a great addition to all homes in need of extra lighting, often reasonably priced, and come equipped with controllable, sensitive motion sensors. While these motion activated lights are often associated with outside use, these can also feature greatly inside as well.

Indoor motion-sensor lights can be installed in a walk-in closet, garage, to a basement or laundry room offering a convenient solution to having instant lighting without going bump in the dark. A light senses motion, so will turn on the instant a room is entered or a closet opened, and to safe on energy will switch itself off once the room is again empty. Often able to detect movement within 360 degrees. Offering ease in installation, as these lights are able to fix into a standard light socket, no other work or wiring is needed at all. So ideal for someone that's completely lacking in all home improvement skills.

Motion sensing outside lights also feature a multitude of helpful products. Adding in a motion-activated floodlight to an existing home surveillance set-up is a great step in proving a complete security system. Due to it's nature of being used outside, these alarms are build in a heavy-duty casing, often die-cast metal. In order to avoid false alarms, alarms can feature such technology as 'pulse count' to hopefully limited activation due to weather condition, such as wind and rain.

In addition, a feature to save on energy is a time-stamp to determine the amount of time a light will remain active once all movement stops. Sensors often range within 70 to 100 feet so given a wide arc of surveillance at all times. DIY home security systems of this type are often easy to install for those with competent skills.

Motion sensing LED lights are great for those in need of lighting area outside, such as stairs leading up to the decking area or any such outside steps that could to with an extra light source to make navigating that much easier. So, a great product for those not wishing to go to the expense or time of installing a light system that requires electrical wiring.

All in all, these motion detector lights offer that extra safety and security of knowing that you will be entering a room that's going to be well-lit as soon as a door is opened. No need to keep hands free when walking in a laundry or often cluttered garage floor space.


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