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Motor Coupler For Whirlpool Washers

Updated on March 13, 2011

My whirlpool washer is making a clunking noise or won't spin

The motor coupler in you whirlpool washer may seem like a non-important piece to your washer but this little rubber and plastic piece can break an stop your washer. It happened to me and after $90 in extra cost due to trouble shooting, I want to save you money with ways you know your motor coupler is broken or breaking. Also how to replace the motor coupler in your whirlpool washer.

Motor Coupler in Whirlpool Washer

It's pretty easy to know if your motor coupler is broken because when you place the washer on spin the washer won't spin or will but will make a large knocking noise in a pattern. If it doesn't agitate or makes the knocking noise then most likely it's your motor coupler. I'll show you how to check it.

How to find the motor coupler

Start by removing the two to three screws on the board with the dials so that you can remove the back. The panel should pull forward, fill up and over. The front of the washer should come off the box part can be laid down in front of the washer or pulled to the side for added access to the motor coupler.  The coupler is at the bottom under the washer tub.  The part blocking it looks like a white shield that has two clips that need to be popped off and then the motor usually has two clips watch your hands as the motor will drop.

If you hire someone to look at this then it will cost you about $100-$160 easily. My bill was for $162.32 to repair this then I found out what it was and found out I could do it my self for less than $40.

The motor coupler should be in three pieces the two plastic 3 prong pieces and the rubber washer. The pieces all need to be intact. Even one of the three prongs could fall off and mess up how your washer runs. This going bad could cause other motor parts to go bad or strip.


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