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Moving Day: Selecting a Commercial Moving Company

Updated on December 24, 2013

Take everything out of the closet, drawers and cabinet and put into boxes. Be sure to check the attic and bring any boxes down. Stack the boxes in the hallway. Be sure all the boxes are efficiently taped and labelled. Load said boxes into the truck or other vehicle. Unload all items at new location.

Yes, that is what it takes for the average home (or business owner) to move to a new location. Lots of fun, isn’t it? You spend days going through items and boxing or bagging them up so that you can later on spend long hours unpacking and putting them away in your new location. And, while there is a certain element of fun and excitement involved, it can still be quite overwhelming and definitely very tiring – especially when it comes to moving large pieces of furniture or equipment!

Thankfully, doing all the work of moving does not have to be done by you. Rather, you can call in commercial movers to help get you loaded up, moved out and even get established in your new location. But, how can you find dependable commercial movers that can get you moved and set up? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Think about your budget and how much of the moving you want to do on your own. This will help you determine what features you need to look for in commercial moving company.
  • Start your research for a moving company at least 8 weeks prior to the Moving Day. Talk to people you know and find out what commercial mover they recommend and why they like (or dislike) that particular company. Be sure find out if the company was punctual, professional and prepared as well as protective (nothing damaged during the move) of one’s belongings.
  • Have an idea of how much you will need to be moved. Will it be a great deal of large furniture? Let the company know this. Will there be large lawn care items that would require an extra trailer? How far away will you be moving? What time of year is it? Certain times of the year (especially summer!) are busier for commercial moving companies. If you can schedule your move for a non-peak time you will likely get quicker service and may even get a bit of a break on the cost.
  • Be sure that you read the contract carefully. Once you have found a company that you feel comfortable with, take the time to talk about your preferences and needs regarding how the move will take place. Then, do not sign a contract until all instructions are clear.

Hiring a commercial moving company is a great way to take much of the work out of relocation. Don't waste your time doing all the work. Save your time and energy and let a professional do the work for you!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of commercial movers. One such site worth visiting is

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