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Moving Pads – A quick guide to safely moving your furniture

Updated on August 29, 2010

Moving pads are a necessary investment if you’re going to be moving your furniture.  Sometimes referred to as moving blankets, these moving pads are a thick quilted cover that is meant to pad the furniture and absorb any damage that can be sustained during shipping or moving.  These are not to be confused with furniture sliders which are small pads that can be placed under heavy furniture to make moving the furniture around the floor easier.  That’s another topic altogether.

If you’re in the market for furniture moving pads (and I can only assume you are as you’re reading this article) there are a few things you’ll need to know to figure out how to get the right moving pads for you.  These pads come in several different varieties and are meant to accommodate your move and your budget in different ways.  The quality of the moving pad is rated by the weight per dozen; the idea being that thicker and heavier blankets will weigh more and this is a relatively accurate and reliable measure by which to rate moving pads.  You don’t have to purchase a dozen of them though.  Another factor that comes into play when choosing a moving pad is whether you’ll want a woven or non-woven fabric.  The non-woven fabric is rougher and won’t hold up as well over the long haul but it is also a lot cheaper. 

To accommodate all the different types of moves that people make with their furniture there are 6 different types of furniture moving pads: Budget, Economy, Mid-Range, Professional, Luxury, Premium.  We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each one below.

Budget Moving Pads – These pads are simply the bottom of the line when it comes to moving pads.  They’re rated at around 43 pounds per dozen and are made with a non-woven polyester fabric.  This type of moving pad will get the job done but just barely.  Choose the budget moving pads if you’re going to be moving yourself (such as in a U-HAUL) and only going a short distance.  Because they’re made from polyester and they’re not woven they are very stiff and won’t conform to the furniture well at all.  You’ll probably have to deal with some level of frustration as they tend to slide around and fall off of the furniture a lot.  You can get around this by strapping them down but that’s also an extra step which can be time consuming and frustrating when you’re moving.  You might be better off going with the economy moving pads which is the next step up.

Economy Moving Pads – These blankets are a little heavier than the budget moving blankets as they are a heavier weight.  They generally come in at 65 pounds per dozen and also have the non-woven fabric.  These are better if you think that you’re going to need more padding and are willing to spend an extra $10 on blankets to protect your furniture and other belongings.  They suffer from the same material issues as the budget blankets and are best for the do-it-yourself moving jobs.  Because they’re polyester and non-woven they don’t hold up when washed so they’re pretty much one or two time use.  If you plan on moving more frequently than that it might be best to go with a mid-range moving blanket

Mid-Range Moving Pads – These blankets are heavier than either the economy or budget moving pads and provide a little better moving cushioning experience.  Weighing roughly 75 pounds per dozen and having one side of the blanket woven these pads will hold up a little better over multiple moves.  The woven side of the blanket will do better if there’s going to be a lot of friction (i.e. where they’re tied down or things are packed tightly together.  This will work well for multiple moves but they aren’t meant for repeated use (like for a moving company).  If you need something that’s softer and can be used day after day you’ll want to think about the professional moving blanket.

Profession Moving Pads – This pad is made from high-quality woven fabric and are very thick and durable.  They weigh approx. 90 pounds per dozen so that gives you an idea about how heavy and padded these blankets are.  Being made from a polyester cotton blend, they are woven on both sides and will hold up for multiple moves day after day and can be cleaned up as needed without the worry that this will ruin the integrity of the blanket.  Not only are they better performing but they look a whole lot better (not that it matters all that much).

Luxury Moving Pads – The luxury moving pad is a thick and quality moving blanket that will conform to the surface of the furniture perfectly.  Being made from a polyester-cotton blend, these blankets are woven on both sides to provide extra durability for the points where friction and rubbing is a concern.  They weigh roughly 85 pounds per dozen which indicates how thick they are.  These blankets will protect better than any other blanket except for the premium moving pads

Premium Moving Pads – The premium moving pads are the top of the line blankets that you can use for protecting your furniture during your move.  Weighing between 90-95 pounds per dozen, these all cotton woven blankets are super thick, soft and durable.  They are also the most expensive blankets on the market.  Not only can you use these for just about any moving application, they also make great dog blankets when you’re done moving.  If you have any concerns about your antique furniture or super expensive luxury sofa getting ruined the premium moving blankets will ease your mind knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect them while moving.

No matter which moving pads you choose, in order to find the best price on moving pads you’ll need to do a little bit of research online.  There are a number of online retailers who have excellent advertised deals, but you’ll have to investigate multiple sites before you can find the right deal for you.  Whichever you choose, moving pads will certainly help make your moving experience easier.


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