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How to Move a Piano

Updated on January 21, 2014

It takes 3

It takes at least 3 people to move a piano!
It takes at least 3 people to move a piano!

Thinking about a DIY Piano Move?

For most people the process of moving a piano doesn't come up in any thoughts until the day comes when a sale is made or relocation is considered. Since pianos are very expensive and incredibly heavy, piano movers employ some standard techniques and tricks in order to get the job done safely and quickly. In this hub I will go over the process of moving a piano from place to place and also go over options for shipping and hiring movers.

If you are considering moving your piano yourself, you should consider the risks and rewards.

If you've never moved a heavy piece of furniture before... DO NOT TRY and move your piano yourself!! If there are stairs or steps involved in your move, almost a guarantee, remember that you will have to lift the entirety of the pianos weight as some point, and in most cases it is required to tip the piano to get it through a doorway.


  • Damage to your piano
  • Injury or Death!
  • Damage to your home or apartment


Save Money (Less if you don't have the proper equipment!)

To me it seems like a huge undertaking to want to try and take on the gargantuan task of moving a huge piece of furniture like a piano. We recommend hiring a professional piano moving company to take on the task for you!

Why DYI Is Not Recommended

A beautiful Masterpiece!

A nice upright piano
A nice upright piano

How to move an upright Piano

Upright pianos usually fall in the range of anywhere between 300-800 lbs, but they can easily exceed those values for some models. A usual crew of piano movers will consist of at least 3 people, as it is only safe to perform a move of such magnitude with enough helping hands.

The tools of the trade include:

Moving Straps

Moving Blankets


How to move an upright Piano


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