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Mr. Coffee Grinder Review - Best Electric Coffee Grinders

Updated on October 25, 2010

Coffee Grinder Settings

Coffee Grinder with 3 Grind Settings

I received my first coffee grinder as a gift and have loved the fresh ground coffee every morning. My coffee grinder is by Mr. Coffee and it is great for grinding coffee for one serving to a whole pot of coffee. This particular model is the Mr. Coffee Coffee grinder with 3 precision grind settings (model COF IDS77). I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced ($24.99 or less) electric coffee grinder with multiple settings.

For fresh coffee every morning I grind a pot's worth of coffee and if I want to grind coffee in advance, I store it in an empty coffee can. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee and you can try several types of coffee fresh every day!

Mr. Coffee Grinder Specs

  • Electric powered with storage for power cord so you don’t have to extend the whole cord to the outlet.
  • Fine, Medium, or Coarse settings to grind coffee for specific filters. I use the coarse setting for my Bodum French Press and the Fine or Medium settings for my traditional coffee pot filters.
  • Lighted settings for grinding selection and the cup volume.
  • Auto-off timer so when you grind the coffee it will shut off when it is finished.
  • Removable cup with ‘max fill’ indicator so you can pour the contents directly into the coffee filter.
  • Removable cup also features a lip with an additional our opening at the top.
  • Dishwasher safe chamber for easy cleaning.
  • Grinds 4-12 servings worth of coffee

Benefits of the Electric Coffee Grinder

  • Expensive built-in coffee grinders inside coffee pots are difficult to clean or can stop working if they get wet.
  • This coffee grinder allows for you to grind the coffee based on the coffee maker’s needs.
  • Small for easy storage and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Fresh coffee every time you brew a pot!
  • Affordable way to save money on fresh ground coffee at home versus purchasing coffee from a coffee shop every morning.
  • Allows for user to grind coffee for multiple coffee brewer types and can travel or store easily.


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