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Use Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner For A Clean Home

Updated on May 22, 2013

If you are looking for cleaning products to save you time and money ,while providing a healthy cleaning experience for your home Mrs. Meyer's household cleaners are the best. Here is my experience on the all purpose cleaner.

An Alternative to Non-Toxic Cleaners

When I was looking to start my house cleaning business I was researching a non-toxic all purpose cleaner I could use in my clients homes that cleaned well, had a great smell, but did not all of the toxins that most of the conventional cleaners had in them. I wanted to provide my clients with a safe healthy cleaning using products I would use in my own home. I searched and tried many products but when I stumbled across Mrs Meyers all purpose cleaner I was in Heaven. To save money I decided to buy in bulk because when you buy retail it wasn't cost effective.

Buying In Bulk Saves You Money

After looking at the retail prices of the Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner I searched online to see if i could find it reasonably priced since i would be using it in my business and for my personal use as well. The 32 oz bottle costs $9.12 the Lemon Verbena sold me in the beginning because it was the first scent that I ordered. There are other scents as well including Lavender, Basil, and Geranium. A case of 6 32 oz bottles cost $40.26 but if you subscribe to the save and subscribe option the price drop downs to $ 34.22 which is great because the 32 oz bottle goes a long way. I was spending way too much on cleaning products. I poured my cleaner in a spray bottle so I could begin testing it in my home.

Mrs. Meyers Really Is A All Purpose Cleaner

I first tried the cleaner in my kitchen to clean my counter tops and stove top. All I can say is "Wow" I sprayed a little on my counter top and wiped with a dry microfiber cloths and it gave the counter a clean shine as well as a very lovely scent that lingered for days ( no kidding) then I wanted to see if it could handle tough jobs so I sprayed it on my stove top and let it sit for a min, the grease on the stove top came off with me scrubbing. I was very impressed overall with Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner. I then used in in my bathrooms as well and it did a great job on the sinks, counter, and shower stalls. The scent was amazing, and it gave my house a fresh clean smell that lasted for days. This cleaner is a keeper for my house cleaning business and for my home. This cleaner safely cleans just about everything, including floors. The all purpose cleaner is concentrated so I did add a little water to a spray bottle to stretch it, and it did not lose its effectiveness at all. I say give it a try it's a great cleaner for all the surfaces you can even think you may want to clean.


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