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Mug warmer: A warm drink anytime

Updated on April 5, 2011

A mug warmer is a simple device, which as the name suggests is used to keep hot beverages at the temperature they should be. This way you can ensure that you always have a tea, coffee or your favorite hot chocolate warm enough for you to have. They serve the dual purpose of preventing wet rings on your table as well as keeping your drink warm for you, even when you tend to forget all about it in the course of the day.

A mug warmer is powered by electricity and will need to be plugged in. How it works is that the lower portion of your container starts to heat up. When the temperature reaches a pre-set optimum, you will have some indicator lights which will tell you that you can now have the drink.

You don’t have to worry about the mug warmer boiling your drink over, should you not consume it immediately. It goes into a hibernation sort of mode where it actually maintains the optimal temperature of your drink till you unplug the device. The best part about a mug warmer is that you don’t have to restrict its use to only coffee and tea mugs. You can also use it to keep a soup mug warm. What could be better than this on a cold day?

Technology has caught up with the mug warmer and it has become quite portable. Besides being able to power it electrically, you can now plug it in via a USB cable to your computer and ensure you have a hot cuppa ready at all time. This way you can use it at home, at office, in your car or even gift it to your college going child to use in the residential halls.

A mug warmer package will come with some easy cleaning apparatus, a clear light indicator, a built-in on and off button and on an average requires around 18 watts to be powered. You can get a mug along with a mug warmer or just pick up the warmer on its own. Metal, ceramic and glass are best used with warmers. However, your best bet is metal since it conducts heat better.


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