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Murray Feiss Chandelier Review: Collections, Single and Multi Tier, Mini, Billiard

Updated on January 13, 2015

Murray Feiss Chandeliers

When designing their chandeliers, Murray Feiss took into account potential room sizes, classic and fashionable trends in interior design, particular lighting needs and, finally, the diversity of tastes of potential customers. Resulting is a selection that's possibly the richest and most varied in the company's inventory.

Chandeliers division includes billiard chandeliers, aimed for hanging above pool or snooker tables, single and multi tiered chandeliers of mini and regular sizes, and uplights – an interesting hybrid pieces similar in many respects to the semi-flushmounts.

To give shoppers some directions – before delving into collections – we would like to suggest a few basic distinctions that might make shopping both easier and more fun. First, the lights can be generally typed as horizontally or vertically leaning: many of the chandeliers expand either mostly in height or in length; some, like spheres, expand equally in both directions.

Second, ensuing from first, is the overall shape of the chandelier. When you look at the piece from some distance, you will notice that it's contour describes a geometrical form that can be an oval, a triangle, a diamond, a rectangle, a star, or some other shape.

Murray Feiss Chandelier
Murray Feiss Chandelier


  • Multi-tiered chandeliers must be Murray Feiss most splendid creations. They are large, feature decorative metalwork and scrollwork, often very sophisticated, and carry glass or ceramic shades (plafonts) that add even more visual texture. On top of that, some of the items incorporate small crystal pendants that descend from the frame like earrings.

  • Single-tier chandelier is a more humble, understated version of its more luscious kin. Some models, however, (Gianna and Bellini collections) employ the space to insert large crystals, creating a sparkling gemstone-like appearance. Produce more intimate mood as opposed to the resonant festivity of multi-tiered lights.

  • Billiard chandeliers constitute specialized versions intended for pool playing – where close lighting is important for the quality of the game. Naturally, these Murray Feiss fixtures expand horizontally, creating rows rather than tiers; can be an unorthodox alternative to the single-tiers.

  • Mini chandeliers comprise a small branch of small fixtures that nevertheless retain principal chandelier characteristics: one tier, but a rich scrollwork, selection of shades, and a choice between a stem and a chain.


  • Tuscan Villa, Barrington and Morning Side collections present clean, flowing lines resulting in confident curves – parabolas and “S” shaped twists. Both collections epitomize transitional style: more refined than most antique chandeliers on the one hand, not as complex and winding as baroque and rococo models on the other. Up to 15 lights in one fixture.

  • King's Table, Coventry Castle, and Stirling Castle display medieval inspired designs: they look like oversized candelabras (several of them connected in multi-tiers) – a naïve yet effective simplicity.

  • Segovia and Chateau collections take us closer in time to classic French and baroque styles. The luxuriant and refined metalwork produces an independent roundish shape while the linear flow brings to mind fountain streams.

  • Tribecca and Kora collections complement the splendour of above mentioned lines from the side of contemporary minimalism. Here Feiss designers removed ornament almost completely, opting instead for straight lines, with turns and angle only when necessary.


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