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Murray Feiss Lighting Flush Mounts Review: Ceiling Lights, Fixtures Collections

Updated on January 13, 2015

Murray Feiss Ceiling Lights

Murray Feiss flushmounts provide a minimalist alternative to the luxurious chandeliers. Most items consist of just two or three parts: an outer ring, a glass shade (usually shaped as a cylinder or as a dome) and, in some models, a metallic tip at the vertex of the shade. In more elaborate versions the outer rings expand into independent frames; in several collections these incorporate filigree scroll-work.

In terms of pure utility, flushmounts are arguably the most convenient lighting fixtures. Their shape not only prevents them from collecting dust, but also, being semi-spherical, contributes to space economy – an important factor for smaller interiors. In light of these qualities, flushmounts became very popular ceiling lights, and Murray Feiss responded to the trend by manufacturing over one hundred different models.

Finally, due to their unique enclosed shape, flush mounts have less space for ornament. As a result, designers render the shades and the glass components as objects for decoration: the domes begin to exhibit wavelike textures, and display etchings that compliment the metallic rims that attach the fixtures to the ceiling.

Murray Feiss Flush Mount
Murray Feiss Flush Mount


  • Vista, Morning Side, Boulevard, Claridge, Barrington, and Neo Classic collections represent a classic flushmount design. Clean steel or bronze rim affixes the translucent opal glass to the ceiling. The overall effect is of an eye that overlooks the room and illuminates it from above.

  • In Geneve, Barnard, and Casbah collection Murray Feiss introduce a basic ornament (architecture-inspired) on the metal ring, making the flushmount a more visually demanding object – now it merits a second glance. To take things a little further, a pendant-like tip hangs from the end of the dome.

  • Remy, Arabesque, Fusion, and Druid Hills fixtures feature allover scroll-work with oriental, transitional, and contemporary motifs – here the ornament encompasses the entire shade, and rivals it for attention. The additional metal will slightly reduce the efficacy of the lighting, but will provide a notable decorative diversion above the head.

  • Avalon, Hallie, and Parker Place collections embody industrial aesthetic, both retro and modern, and counterbalance the traditional and classic trends of the majority of Murray Feiss flushmounts.


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