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Murray Feiss Lighting Pendant Light Fixtures Review: Bronze, Glass, Mini

Updated on January 13, 2015

Murray Feiss Pendants

Murray Feiss pendants comprise a lighting category that can be viewed as an extension of the chandeliers on the one hand, or as a close relative of torchieres and floor lamps on the other. The basic structure of a pendant light is simple: a stem or a chain descends from the ceiling, and is crowned by a shade at the end.

Both the extension and the shade become subjects of design, and Murray Feiss incorporate a variety of styles – contemporary, transitional, antique, baroque, industrial – to address different interior design needs and individual taste demands.

In terms of interior design, pendant lights fit perfectly into foyer category. Indeed, many of the fixtures feature scrollwork reminiscent in architecture of outdoor lighting; some of the shades even look like simplified outdoor lights, creating a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior. Alternatively, pendants can be used as dinette fixtures.

Material employed for the over one hundred models include brass, nickel, and bronze alloys in various finishes (oxidized, Peruvian, British, Corinthian bronze; polished nickel), crystal and glass (opal, pearl, topaz). Let's take a closer look at some of the pendant collections on offer:

Murray Feiss Pendant Fixture
Murray Feiss Pendant Fixture


  • Parker Place is a classic industrial collection: imitation of pipework (some futuristic steam-punk references included), facets, and valves that were introduced at the end of 19th century. Stylized, fashion oriented look.

  • In Medina and Arabesque collections Murray Feiss experiment with oriental ornament. The intricate scroll and metal work remind of Persian carpets: floral and geometrical motifs encase the shade into cages that allude to harem enclosures.

  • Preston, Casual Luxury, Sunset Drive, Lucia, and Justin pendants feature wide cylinders, shaped almost like large arenas or basins, that contain up to four lights. The design is generally minimal: a metallic skeletal frame holds the shade; some metal work or chains can be found in the more elaborate fixtures.

  • Stelle, Logan, Keaton, and Tribeca collections can be viewed as simplified versions of the pendant types described above. They incorporate narrower cylinders, wide enough to accommodate one light, and resemble lanterns – yet another reference to outdoor lighting, which makes them suitable foyer fixtures.

  • Alexandria, Seville, Cervantes, San Remo, and Morning Side collections introduce metalwork for the stem, expanding its function from strict utility to decorative and festive. The rhythm, dance-like motifs executed in bronze and other alloys reveal antique or baroque influences; these fixtures emerge as Murray Feiss most festive and classic fashion pendants.


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