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Murray Feiss Lighting Wall Sconces, Fixtures, Torches Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Murray Feiss Sconces

Perhaps no other lighting category requires as much sensitivity in interior design as wall sconces. The reason for that lies in their natural position: on the wall they hang at eye-level, where any over-elaboration, visual incoherence, and generally stylistic error can disturb the eye and the mind. Worst of all, victims will have hard time pinpointing the source of their trouble, as objects constantly in front of us tend to be ignored and pushed back into the subconscious.

Murray Feiss seem to recognize this sconces peculiarity, and respond by creating a range of classically designed wall fixtures. Minimalism leads with clean lines and basic geometrical shapes (effectively wall versions of some of the brand's flushmounts), followed by various periodically designed lights, which add scroll-work and detail carefully, in order to create as versatile a selection as possible. Home designers with a penchant for the medieval will be delighted with the wall torches.

In terms of utility, the sconces can be very flexible: resemblance to lanterns and other outdoor lights shows that they can function equally effectively in exterior and interior settings.

Murray Feiss Wall Sconce
Murray Feiss Wall Sconce

Swing Arm Sconces

Swing arm fixtures comprise a small and rather specialized category in wall lighting. Like some of the matching floor lamps, the metallic arm allows for a rotational movement – this same feature, however, creates a distinct atmosphere (scientific, if you will) that should be taken into consideration. Collections include modern industrial (Cityscape, Swing Shift), classic (Commonwealth, Triomphe), and contemporary fashion(the “chic”, as Feiss describe it, French Task).

Wall Torches

Perhaps to counter the mechanical sophistication of swing arm sconces, Murray Feiss offer a choice of wall torches – an unabashedly periodical and nostalgic lighting alternative. The most characteristic trait in the torches is the angle created between the stem and the wall surface. The wide shade forces the diversion of the upper part into the space of the room, resulting in realistic medieval castle effect.


Such medieval, renaissance, and baroque inspired collections as Maddalyn, Alexandria, King's Table, and Lake Geneve replicate the luxurious chandelier design – featuring a lot of scroll-work, and containing up to three lights, they essentially become mini wall chandeliers.

Designers keep the integrity of the original design intact, but the resulting fixtures lack some of the intimacy of the smaller, simpler sconces. Still, for specific interior needs (such as larger rooms), this could be the perfect lighting solution.


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