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Tommy's Coffee Cup...MINE!

Updated on April 20, 2015
The cup
The cup

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If it is clean, I am happy. If it is dirty…I quickly rinse it, then I am happy. If there is a smudge in the crease at the bottom of it, I am pissed and want to through it against the wall, leaving the pieces on the floor cutting my feet as I lament its passing. Okay, aside from needing something to write about this morning, I really like my coffee cup. It was a cheap (not in price, but in the sense that I bought it at the convenience store across the street), and…here’s what put it in my hand and my money in their pocket…it has my name on it.

Now, I don’t own Tommy’s Brand Coffee (If I did, I am pretty sure it would not include a “Balanced Blend”), but I had to have the cup. Of all my impulsive buys, this was not necessarily the best value, but it it is the one thing that can open my eyes a little wider and make me "smile." The perfect coffee cup can make or break the overall experience of its contents. When I am performing caffeine maintenance (usually at coffee shops, mom & dad's, friend's, etc.), it can be any cup, hot or cold.

The only evidence I can find of Tommy's Brand is another person's homage to the coffee bean utilizing a striking Tommy's cup overflowing with coffee beans. I did find a couple of fellow hubbers who's names illustrate their love for coffee.

Aside from my family, no crutch has ever lifted me up more than coffee and my coffee cup. I do not discriminate (like I said, I could drink it out of anything), but my grown up security blanket is my coffee in my coffee cup. With them, I can think. With them, I can accomplish the most rudimentary and mundane of tasks, crush my fiercest of enemies. Give me more, and I can conquer the world.

I love you coffee. I love you coffee cup.


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