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How to Choose Best Log Cabin Furniture

Updated on November 6, 2014

The Great Escape

The last school holidays, I took my family to go to a cousin's house in the countryside . Previously he invited us to visit his new house he had just built. He said that it was very unique and suitable to relax from all the bustle of the city.

For ten years I have not met him. Since I and the family migrated to the city and he went away from home to become a primary school teacher in the remote countryside on the slopes.

Three hours we needed to get to his house. Fortunately, I equipped my car with a GPS, otherwise we would surely get lost. The road leading to uphill was full with views of the beautiful trees. Cool air and cold weather indicated that we have been far above sea level .

Arriving to the spot, I was amazed to see his house. A very artistic and unique log cabin measured approximately 20 x 10 meters, with paddy fields beside and small streams with very clear natural water. Here, he shows us how to choose the best furniture for it. Happy reading!

# Log Living Room Furniture


The Center of Elegant Log Cabin

Entered his house, I saw all the existing furniture was also made of wood, they are awesome. In the living room I saw a coffee table surrounded by four very elegant lounge chairs. In the corner, there was an end table with a rocking chair besides. TV stand was also made of wood, that was very beautiful with a log futon in front. All decorations hanging on the wall were also made of wood. Everything is made of wood. Fantastic!!!

Instead of showing me a new log lounge chairs, he was going to show me what an old pieces look like. When my cousin first got the chair, he did put an exterior furnish on it and it's holding up very nicely.

When I took a closer look at the hardware, I saw that even though this piece was five years old the hardware was not rusted or rain making streaks on the wood. that was because the company sent zinc dichromatehardware along with all the pieces.

Many Advantages of Log Lounge Chair

How comfort is it?
The top log of the chair is caved for comfort. Extra comfort so you are not sitting against a totally flat back. The seat is contoured so that is very comfortable when you are sitting in it. The contour seat will provide less pressure points so you can sit in the seat longer and relax without the need for cushions.
How long it will last?
It lasted longer. A common question before we buy a furniture is how long will the furniture last? Well, with a furnish it will last 10 to 15 years out the open. Without a furnish, It would say anywhere from 10 to 12 years would be normal. With a furnish and we put indoor or under a covered porch or on a back deck that is covered, there is no telling how long it'll last.
How to assamble?
Easy to assemble. Talking about the assembly, the back section will be one piece when you receive it. The seat section will be another piece. All that will be needed to attach the seat into back and then attach the arms and legs and the little cross support.
Total advantages you'll get vastly different from the brittle and cheap Chinese furniture that you'll find in some retail stores.

# Log Dining Room Furniture

5 stars for Winsome Wood 30-Inch Windsor Swivel Seat Bar Stool

Delicious Dishes on a Beautiful Table

After a one-hour discussions about the process of making this cabin, and telling it's living room furniture. It's the time for lunch. We were invited to enter the dining room, we saw a set of dining table surrounded by chairs that are made of wood.

At the end there was a mini bar which equipped by some of the wooden bar stools which were lined neatly. It's very delicious to taste a cup of coffee on it accompanying the wife while cooking or simply to invite friends to the house for chatting and eating there, I thought.

My cousin decided to purchase fourWinsome Wood 30-Inches Windsor swivel bar stools to his minibar. He said that it has many benefit:

  • It was made of durable beechwood so it can be lasted for years.
  • In addition, this wooden bar stool also has a backrest with reminiscent mission style so it gave the impression of traditional and classic style in the kitchen.
  • Plus, the seat swivels 360 degrees. You will never miss out your any action for the easy access. And,
  • The stability of the slatted through backrest is featured on each side, so you can find the perfect level comfort, no matter your size is or the direction you're facing.

Finally, for maximum comfort my cousin suggested leaving clearance attended 12 inches between the bottom up of the bar and the top of your bar stool.

"It's available in choice of finish; natural or natural white option so we can find the perfect fit for our space". He said, but he took the natural one to give more rustic style.

The estimated time to assemble was around 10 minutes. There are no tools required for this assembly. Take a look closer to these video and follow the step to make you easy assembling it!

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