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Simple Vertical Garden With Plastic Bottles

Updated on May 20, 2016

Plastic is literally at my fingertips all day long. Plastic keyboard, Plastic framed computer monitor, Plastic mouse, Plastic framed cellphones, and also Plastic bottles. The amount of plastic I encounter daily doesn’t end there. Chances are, you can relate. Plastic is an epidemic. But where does all this plastic go? We ship some of it overseas to be recycled. Quite a bit ends up in landfills. And more than you can imagine ends up on the loose as plastic pollution, eventually making its way into our waterways. And all this plastic pollution is not only a problem for the earth, it’s bad for our health.

The easy way for we can do it is recycled, for example we can recycled the Plastic bottles as a pot for Vertical Garden. We can use any kind of plastic bottle with various shape, that was depending on our creativity. In this post I use a mineral water plastic bottles with clearly color, because every day my family consume it and also make so many waste bottles at home.

My Vertical Garden
My Vertical Garden | Source

Okay let’s we start it.

First we must to preparing the tools and materials, below is tools and materials that we must to prepare it. You can used different kind of tools and materials, but this is the general tools and materials that we can used and easy found at home.

Tools | Source


  • Marker
  • Cutter
  • Solder

Materials | Source


  • Waste Plastic Bottle
  • Rope

Draw Lines For Planted Area
Draw Lines For Planted Area | Source


  • First, after all of tools and materials prepared, we must to clean up the bottles.
  • Second, after the bottle is clean up, put the marker then draw on surface bottles for the place that we want to cut it as the planted area.

Cut Following Lines
Cut Following Lines | Source
  • Third, after we finish to mark the bottles, then put the cutter and start to cut it follow the lines.

Make Some Hole Using Solder
Make Some Hole Using Solder | Source
  • Forth, after the bottles is cut off for the planted area, next step is make some hole on the bottom of bottles for water circulation and on the edge for inserted the rope.

Insert Rope On The Edge Of Bottle
Insert Rope On The Edge Of Bottle | Source
  • Fifth, after all of hole is ready, then put the rope and inserted to hole on the edge of bottles.

Make a Node
Make a Node | Source
String-up Bottles
String-up Bottles | Source
  • Sixth, string up the bottles with inserting the rope one by one. Make node on every tip of rope for barrier the bottles and on each bottles for boundary with others.

Planted On Each Bottle
Planted On Each Bottle | Source
  • Seventh, after the bottles are strung, then put the plant and planted on by one on each bottles.

  • Finally, our vertical garden is made up.

Okay, that’s the easy steps for us to make a vertical garden using the waste plastic bottles. You can see the example of my vertical garden at the top picture.

Type of Plants For Vertical Garden With Small Media Planting

Every plants which is applicant for the vertical garden have different excellence and character according it’s type, and basically most of all plants type can used for vertical garden. But for we applicant on media planting which make before using plastic bottles, there are some criteria which must fulfill to get a good vertical garden looks. Below is the criteria of the plants:

  • Choose plants with mini size and light in weight.
  • Choose plants with slow growth as much as possible.
  • Choose plants with high durability of sunshine and not much needs water.

After we know the criteria of plants who suitable for our vertical garden method which is made the media planting using plastic bottles, next is the type of plants who suitable with our criteria before for we used in our vertical garden.


Anthurium Cristalium

The characteristic of this plants is the leaves have hearth shape with white lines on top of green leaves, looks so contrast. This plants have 2 different type, the first one with wide leaves and the other one is with tight leaves and more small than the first. Surely which most suitable for we used in our plastic bottle pot is the other one which have tight leaves and small size. This plants is suitable to applicant because it’s size also too slow growth.


Chlorophytum Comosum

The characteristic of this plants is the leaves is small and long with white yellowness lines. This plants is easy to care and also have durability with directly sunshine. But if we planted on area without directly sunshine it will more growth well, therefore this plants is suitable if we planted at the center or below pot formation.



This plants are have much color which is red, green, grey, green yellowness, and also have white lines. Cryptanthus is type of plants which is durable with directly sunshine and also not need much water.


Arachis Pintoi

This plants is type of decorating plants from peanut family, in Spain this plants also called Mani Forrajero and in other language also called Forage Peanut. This plants have green leaves with yellow flower, mini size but too fast growth not much make into trouble for applicant on small pot like plastic bottles, therefore this plant is very durable for directly sunshine.


Asplenium Scolopendrium

This plants have little long green leaves with little surging on edge. Mini size and leafy, really suitable for we used as vertical garden plants on little pot like plastic bottles.

Just try it with your own creativity, maybe you can used any kind of bottle with different shape and materials not must use plastic bottles. Use everything around yours, everything that can make recycling the waste. Use any kind of plants which you can found it around yours, basically so long as the criteria before, it can used.


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