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My Pillow Pets Dog - Snuggly Puppy - Christmas Best Kids Toys

Updated on October 29, 2013

Pillow Pets - Snuggly Puppy

The tan colored Snuggly Puppy from Pillow Pets (or My Pillow Pets) is a puppy-like soft toy pet that converts into a pillow, and feels like a real puppy. Your children will love playing with it. What's great about it is that unlike a real canine, there is no cleaning up after it ever. And you don't have to worry about any other concerns unlike a real pet. Plus it delivers all the warmth and softness of a real dog when you pet or hug it.

My Pillow Pets are extremely-soft chenille plush stuffed animal toys. It starts out as a pet, and transforms into a pillow when you undo the velcro on its belly. Redo the velcro the next morning, and it tranforms back into a pet. Next to its velcro, there is a built-in cover that your child can use to cover the Velcro, to hide its unpleasantness. Any child who loves to cuddle plush stuffed toys and pillows, will love My Pillow Pets.

My Pillow Pets are made of durable, high quality materials, and are comfortable to sleep on as a pillow due to its super softness.

There are 2 sizes in the market, 18- and 11-inch pillows. Compared to an adult sized pillow which measures roughly 20" x 26", the 18-inch Pillow Pet is really not big at all as it is only 1 1/2 foot long. So go for the 18-inch Pillow Pet rather than the 11-incher as it is really tiny at less than a foot long. Your child will no doubt outgrow it before you even realize it.

Pillow Pets soft transformer pets are only for children above 3 years of age, as it is a choking hazard for anyone younger. For the younger ones, check out Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods, which is a big hit with both parents and babies.

Other My Pillow Pets Dogs

There are 3 canine products from the My Pillow Pets range, the 2 others are Fiery Dalmatian and Patriotic Pup. And they will all make a great present for any kid who loves (real) dogs and who is constantly begging you to let them own one.

Product Details

Product Features:

-Perfect for anyone aged 3+
-Super soft and extra snuggly
-Great as a travel pillow
-Conforms to ASTN and EN71 regulations

Product Specs:

Age: Above 3 years

Pillow Pets - Snuggly Puppy as pet
Pillow Pets - Snuggly Puppy as pet
Pillow Pets - Snuggly Puppy as pillow
Pillow Pets - Snuggly Puppy as pillow

Product Caring:

Machine Washable on Gentle Cycle.
Not Recommended for the Dryer!

Pros And Cons:

-It's a 2-in-1 product, so you can actually bring this for long car trips instead of a pillow and a stuffed toy for a child. Save space!

-Doesn't bark at burglars, nor scare away the neighbor's kids. :(

A Final Word

This plush convertible pillow pet is expected to do very well for this year's Christmas season as it is one of Pillow Pets' bestsellers. If you intend to get it at a bargain price or at a great discount, get it well before Christmas. If you need to, and especially if currently the listed price on this page is higher than its Amazon price, bookmark this page and check back frequently. But having said that, the closer you get to Christmas, the higher is the chance that the price will just keep on increasing. -_-

Happy Xmas! :)


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