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My Pillow Pets Monkey - Silly Monkey - Christmas Best Kids Toys

Updated on October 29, 2013

Children have always loved monkeys, probably because monkeys are so human-like. For some other children, that's probably because they think they have a lot in common with a monkey having been told by their parents that they act like one. ;) Whatever the real reason for children's fondness for this creature is, they will love to have one of these as a pet, if only you will allow them. -_-

Now we all know that's not going to happen anytime ever, but you can always get them a Pillow Pet, which is a pet that doesn't need cleaning after. The Pillow Pets (or My Pillow Pets) Silly Monkey, he with the silly grin will be a bundle of fun and joy to your children with its super-soft plush chenille.

Pillow Pets are extremely-soft stuffed animal toys which is some kind of a tranformer pet. They convert into a pillow when you undo its velcro, and changes back into a pet when you re-clasp the velcro. Next to its velcro, there is an included built-in cover that allows even a child to easily cover the Velcro with.

Pillow pets are made of high grade materials that can withstand abuse from children. Any child who loves the warmth of a blanket, pillow or soft stuffed animals will almost certainly cry out for a Pillow Pet if they ever saw this on TV. :)

Know that there are 2 sizes available for sale, 18- and 11-inch Pillow Pets. It is generally better to go for the larger size as the smaller one is actually less than a foot long when it is in pillow mode. The slight difference in price just does not justify buying the smaller one.

Pillow Pets are great as a travel pal for long car trips and travel as you can save the space of 2 separate products - stuffed animal and pillow. They are perfect for anyone who is above 3 years of age, as they are a choking hazard for the younger ones. For the younger ones, you might want to check out Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods, which is a big hit with babies as well as parents.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Pillow Pets - Silly Monkey as petPillow Pets - Silly Monkey as pillow
Pillow Pets - Silly Monkey as pet
Pillow Pets - Silly Monkey as pet
Pillow Pets - Silly Monkey as pillow
Pillow Pets - Silly Monkey as pillow

More My Pillow Pets Silly Monkey Themed Products

My Pillow Pets Silly Monkey has an expanded product range due to its popularity. It also has a nice backpack and a blanket to make your kid happy.

Product Details

Product Features:

-Great gift for anyone aged 3+
-Ultra soft and snuggly
-Great as a travel pal for your kids
-Machine washable, fluff dry
-Conforms to ASTN and EN71 regulations

Product Specs:

Age: Above 3 years

Product Caring:

Machine Washable on Gentle Cycle.
Not Recommended for the Dryer!

Pros And Cons:


-Doesn't eat bananas, and won't steal food from your children ;)
-Doesn't smell -_-


-Your child will end up with a monkey for a best friend! -_-

A Final Word

The Silly Monkey will make a great gift for anyone above 3 years of age this Christmas season. As this is one of the fastest moving Pillow Pets, if you decide to get this one, make sure to get it early and not at the last minute where you will be vulnerable to price hikes. Get it especially when you see the Amazon price going below the listed price on my page. Come nearer Christmas day, it'll be a rare occurrence. -_-

Happy Xmas! :)


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