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My Pillow Pets Panda - Comfy Panda - Christmas Best Kids Toys

Updated on October 29, 2013

Pillow Pets - Comfy Panda

Meet Comfy Panda, a black and white pillow pet that is the cutest panda ever, cuter than all the Pandas in China. :)

What's great about this toy is that your kid can either hug this Panda to sleep every night, or to sleep on it as a pillow. And that is without the need to clean after it, as it is not a real pet. No Panda smells or noises, no need to worry about it injuring the kid. In short, this is heaven sent!

Comfy Panda is an adorable panda with two big black spots covering his eyes, is fluffy, and has soft plush chenille fur. He is a very popular member of the My Pillow Pets series.

My Pillow Pets are super-soft chenille plush stuffed animal toys. It starts out as a pet, and becomes a pillow when you un-velcro its belly. Re-do the velcro the very next morning, and it becomes a pet again. Simple! Next to the velcro, there is also a built-in velcro cover that your kid can use to fold over the Velcro to make sure that everything stays soft and cuddly to a child. Any child who loves cute and cuddly stuffed animals, will love My Pillow Pets.

Made from ultra-plush chenille, each Pillow Pet is machine washable, and is available in several different animal forms.

There are 2 sizes available - 18 and 11-inch pillows. Compared to an adult sized pillow at roughly 20" x 26", an 18" x 18" pillow is not big at all as it is only one-and-a-half foot long. So go for that rather than the 11" x 11" as it is less than a foot long.

This soft transformer toy is only for children aged 3 and above, as it is a choking hazard for anyone younger. For the younger ones, get them Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods, which any parents and babies will love at first sight.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Comfy Panda as petComfy Panda as pillow
Comfy Panda as pet
Comfy Panda as pet | Source
Comfy Panda as pillow
Comfy Panda as pillow | Source

Product Caring:

Machine Washable on Gentle Cycle.
Not Recommended for the Dryer!

Pros And Cons:


-Does not bite!
-No need to feed it!


-Can't do kung fu like the Pandaren Brewmaster from Warcraft 3 and World Of Warcraft ;)

Product Details

Product Features:

-Extra cuddly Comfy Panda is made of soft black and white chenille.
-A Super-Soft Chenille Plush Pillow. So cuddly you'll never want to put it down! Starts out as a pet, then un-velcro its belly, and it quickly becomes a pillow.
-Washable on Gentle Cycle. Not Recommended for the Dryer!

Product Specs:

Dimensions (in "pillow" mode): 18" x 18" x 9" (approx.)
Material: Super-soft chenille
Item model number: 734R (18in), 11BO734S (11in)
Age: 3+

More My Pillow Pets Panda Themed Products

My Pillow Pets Panda are one of some Pillow Pets with extended product range due to its popularity. Get the rest of the range so that our solitary Panda won't be lonely! ;)


Come Christmas season, My Pillow Pets will certainly be priced higher due to its popularity and continued demand as one of the best selling children toys. Get it early and you will get a bargain, don't wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping. :)

Note: If the prices for some of these items at Amazon are way above the listed price, due to price hikes, no doubt, you might want to bookmark this page and check back often. As a general, as we are entering December, if you see any one of these Pillow Pets selling below the listed price at Amazon, make a grab for it as it won't be long before it goes up.


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    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      Can't think of a better pillow or pillow side companion than a cuddly and snuggly panda pillow! Thumbs up on an uber cute hub!