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My New Pink Tractor

Updated on October 5, 2017

My new pink tractor

Country living is the best! Never a dull moment, always something to do and take care of. From pets to flowers, and then to the lawn, a large lawn I may add, always growing and always needing to be cut.

My husband and I share in everything when it comes to taking care of the house and the outside, but the lawn is his and his alone. He just won't share that aspect of taking care of the property.

Well, John, my hubby, has 3 lawn tractors and 2 full size tractors and I am always giving him grief that I don't have my own. I would like to be able to go out and hook up a trailer to my tractor and collect wood, put my tools in the back for yard work, or just take the cat for a ride.

I guess my nagging finally got through as he recently purchased me an antique, so I call it, lawn tractor. Old but runs and blue in color. I was so excited! Finally after all this time I was getting my own wheels! I knew this was going to be a one and only for the both of us and couldn't wait to begin.

The day my new tractor arrived I knew it had to be changed. I needed it to yell Linda and girl, so we decided we would paint it. A light pink back ground with bright pink flames shooting along each side, and "Linda's Lawn Limo," written in gold on the side.

I also knew we needed to add a seat to the back end and a basket to carry our fur baby, Kittunni, the cat. I know, I know, you all think we are crazy, and yes, yes, we are, but in a good way!

The Preperations

So we begin, first came a bath for my new rig. It was filthy to say the least. We actually had the beast in the back of the pick up and went through the power car wash. Ya, we got into the truck bed with that power hose and washed all the dirt, grim, and rust off. Underneath it all was a dull ugly blue tractor staring at us, but it was clean!

Next came the engine work, which John did and I supervised as he is the mechanic in the clan, not me. I did pass him tools and was the gopher when he needed something but I was not the most patient one, as all I wanted to do was start painting, but I knew I had to wait and be sure everything under the hood was done first.

It didn't take hubby long to clean the bugs out of that engine and my new tractor purred like a kitten. The oil and gaskets had been changed, as John worried everything needed to be checked, because he couldn't have his honey bunny breaking down in the big scary woods. He does worry about me sometimes, and knows he won't always be with me on my journeys with my new limo.

The seat was a bit tattered, so we went online and found a beautiful purple seat cover to make it look all sparkly new. I stood in amazement looking at my new wheels and the excitement built as I knew next was coming the paint.

Nope, I was wrong again, hubby shot me down when I said it was paint time, because now came the seat for the back, basket for the kitten, and a trailer hitch for the trailer.

Oh my, this really is a project and a long one. I felt like a small child waiting to open their presents on Christmas morning. The anticipation was almost unbearable as I could vision me and the cat riding down the field or in the woods collecting fire wood, or bringing the food out to the pavilion to serve our guests at the next barbecue.

Hubby and I worked hard making the seat for the back. Wood is always on hand, and if now we will just go chop down a tree, but we had some one hand and the seat came together in a flash. After the seat was complete next came the stain to waterproof it. Next was the basket for Kittunni. We used an old milk crate and painted it pink. An umbrella was attached over it so the kitten would not over heat in the hot sun and a whirligig with a flag reading chick power was attached.

Paint Time

The seat and basket was put to the side as now it was time for the new paint job. Finally after all the waiting we can paint! Hubby used spray paint as it looks more professional and easy when you know how. He taped off all the parts not wanting to be pink and began the spray job. One the first spay I began to laugh. It looked so good and I loved the color! John finished that up in only a couple hours, which included a few beers on breaks. You can't paint a tractor without a brewsky from time to time.

It was time to relax and let the paint dry. Another beer or two and the first stage would be done. After I'd say 4 or 5 beers the paint was dry and set. Now comes the hot pink flames. Hubby loves to create as I do, thats one of the reasons we get along so well. He drew the flames and transferred them to each side of the tractor, then it was time to tape off again and spray the flames on. He did a wonderful job, as always. My new tractor was almost done.

The seat and basket was attached and then came my logo on the side, "Linda"s Lawn Limo," in a two toned gold. This was it, it was finally done! Hooray!

Time for a ride I said, John then told me he had to take the maiden voyage to be sure everything was in order, so he started up my limo and headed down the field as I watched with envy, hardly being able to wait for my turn.

© 2017 Linda L Paquette


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