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My Queer Autobiography

Updated on December 10, 2010

My,love and internet

I have joined hubpages very recently and have been pondering what-what good can i be upto in such a reputed and wonderful site!I mean i have already written 2 hubs but i am not satisfied with them..........what can i expect from other readers??So finally i decided to share my life with everyone.

I have had a life full of ups and downs but as far as i can remember i have had more downs than the ups.I was born and grew up in an Indian family where you are not allowed to mature until the age of atleast 20.You have to stay with your parents and obey their orders until you earn your own bread.

As a child i was a very bright student.I score the highest mark in class and participated in a lot of competitions and won several prizes.I had to change schools thrice because of my father's job.

But after getting into the 10th grade i became more concious of my own life and became tumultous.I had developed a very revolutionary teen mind and wanted to change everything and that EVERYTHING also implied my relationship status.

While in the 10th grade i had already become mature to know about real life.But in 11th grade my life changed.I had my first crush.But being an introvert i was never able to propose the girl and it constantly stirred me from inside.........I mean its so simple to think of but really difficult to actually say those 3 words.Like many others i was not afraid of the words but i was afraid of rejection.It almost maddened me .

To get over such strains i decided to go online.I online relationship has its own advantage after all.I thought to myself if i go online then certainly i can play safe so as to say.I would tell the girl me problems she would tell hers to mine.She would forget her trouble and so would i.and moreover it was a long distance relationship so there was no chance of revelation of secret!B

But these were so simple to be thought an so difficult to be put into fate tricked me yet again!I signed up in as many as 9 dating sites hoping to find that perfect online girl friend but what i got was nothing but despair.I was successful in developing a relationship with an australian girl.I was in the bluest of my life.But that gaiety lasted no longer than 7 days.She withdrew so abruptly!Then whichever site i tried,i got failure in one way or the other.In some of the sites i got such a beautiful response but was unable to read any further than the subtitle of the messages only because i couldn't pay the premium.And in the sites that didn't require premium i got no response.

Finally fed up with all this I decided to quit.And i quit!

I finally turned my attention to making money.I pondered over all such possibilities and found three options viable.

(1)selling items on ebay

(2)selling photographs in some website

(3)writing articles and materials in some websites

the first two were rather impossible to think of later because i had nothing to sell and o money to afford a model for photographs.So i switched to writing and thats my little story.Now i'm here partly because of the desire to make money and partly with the desire to relieve my mental frustration.

If my writing is advantageous to anyone then its a boon for me.I would like everyone to comment on my hub and criticize me and give good suggestions so that i can improve on this field.



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    • profile image

      debananda 7 years ago

      its a pity you had such a hard life.I wish u luck