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The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Updated on April 9, 2015

Buying The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

What if you could listen to your favorite songs or your favorite podcast while you shower? What! How! Up until now, I haven’t discovered a great way to do this. In fact, I have tried to set up regular speakers, but they look very odd, even they sound worst in my bathroom. And then tried wrapping my iPhone up in a hand towel and place it near the shower door, but even there, the volume is just too low.

I have even tried searching for some Bluetooth waterproof wireless speakers, but the options are pretty limited. My extensive research finally led me to kohler waterproof wireless bluetooth shower speaker.

This is a full-spray coverage showerhead comes with a Bluetooth wireless removable speaker, designed so uniquely that the speaker fits nicely into the showerhead and it is very easy to remove from the showerhead. Therefore, you can take it from shower to kitchen, to wherever you want. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that will run up to 7 hours, and easy to recharge through an in-built USB port. Yes, of course, it might not sound like your home theater speakers, but if you’re looking for the ultimate sound-in-the-shower, then look no further.

Lets check out the features of Kohler showerhead with Bluetooth wireless speaker in detail.

Images courtesy of Amazon
Images courtesy of Amazon

Features Of Kohler Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

It didn’t took me long to realize, some most important features which are unique into this nice gadget. And they are:

  • Outstanding Design
  • Full Spray Coverage
  • Magnetic Wireless Detachable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Crystal-Clear Sound
  • Corrosion Free Finish
  • Easy To Clean

Obviously, it’s not the sort of impulse purchase you make on your way to the checkout counter. So let’s check out these most important features in detail.

The Design Does Matter

Of course, the most attractive features of this speaker is, this magnetic speaker pops in easily into the showerhead, even pops out more easily from it for recharging the battery. And that makes a whole lot of difference, the showerhead itself works very well, and the Bluetooth wireless speaker sound excellent while you are in the shower.

Kohler is well-known for making quality showerheads, so it should come as no surprise that it is well-designed and attractive. It comes in either a white or polished chrome finish, measures, height: 4.18 inch and width: 5inches. The sprayface is made of with white, soft silicon. Even the speaker front is made of with the same material. And that makes it easy to wipe away mineral buildup. In fact, the simple design looks so elegant, that they could be a perfect fit into almost any bathroom.

Full-Spray Coverage

The showerhead has 60 angled nozzles that deliver full-spray coverage, and an easy to clean sprayface made of with white soft silicon that makes easy to wipe away mineral buildup. With a wrench in home you can easily install this showerhead, just twist off your old showerhead and screw the Moxie on, it is that simple.

Wireless Detachable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker itself is a 1.5 watt detachable Bluetooth device, made of with white soft silicon. The rechargeable battery and the speaker all are included into a single casing, and you can recharge the battery via included USB cable. The speaker unit has a magnetic design, so it pops in and out of the showerhead without any hassle.

Pairing the speaker via Bluetooth is very simple. There is just a single button on the front, press and hold down to activate paring mode. And it will easily pair with your iPhone, iMac, Android phone, or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Plus it has a LED indicator at front that lets you know when it’s Bluetooth pairing mode, when there’s audio input from your Bluetooth device, and when the battery is low, needs charging, or when the charging is complete.

Excellent Audio Output

Being small in size, the audio-output from this speaker is just excellent. Without doubt you won’t miss any single note of your favorite song. Even the podcasts sound clear and crisp. In the shower, with the water running this little speaker sounds great. Volume is sufficiently loud, and even when volume turned all the way up there is no distortion.

Corrosion Free Finish

Will it last? Kohler is well known for their quality showerheads. And this Moxie is not an exception; it comes with an excellent in-built quality. The fit and finish is very nice and resists corrosions so without doubt this will run year after year. In fact, the speaker and showerfront is made of with soft white silicon, so it is even easy to wipe away mineral buildup.

Easy To Clean

Being a water-proof speaker it is super easy to clean. The showerface and the speaker they both are made of with soft silicon, and that makes it super easy to clean them.

What’s Included

  • The Showerhead
  • The Speaker
  • The USB Cable

What Others Are Saying About The Kohler?

The kohler showerhead with wireless speaker has received rave reviews from most cutomers on the net with an average of 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon.

Here are some comments to date:

"Great way to start the day."

"Surprisingly awesome sound from a showerhead!"

"Good Sound! Not super loud, but its perfect for some listening while in the shower. Looks great! Has a great water flow."

"The best thing I've purchased in awhile!"

Where Can You Buy Kohler Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker?

You can buy this showerhead with wireless bluetooth shower speaker from Amazon. At the moment they include free shipping, and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option.

Click below to view more details about this waterproof wireless bluetooth shower speaker on Amazon.

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