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My Top Secret Way to Fix A Clogged Toilet

Updated on August 29, 2012

Tools and Skills

It is very easy to fix a clogged toilet once you have the necessary tools and the knowledge. Take a ride over to your favorite hardware store, which in my case is Home Depot. The two most essential tools I have found useful are the heavy duty black toilet plunger with dual flap and the toilet snake also known as the toilet auger. There are two types of plungers the lite or the heavy duty. There might be other plungers, but I only know of the heavy duty plunger. The heavy duty professional latrine plunger is my choice.

Buy The Right Plunger

I made the mistake actually a few times. I was a penny pincher in my previous life and purchased the lite plunger. I wasted several hours unclogging the toilet, which didn't work and eventually bought the heavy duty plunger. I don't know of any stores willing to refund a used plunger.

The Magic of Drain Cleaner

I read that you can buy the best liquid drain cleaner to do the dirty work. I've found that to be a waste of money. Those cleaners have chemicals that damages the pipes. It never performed well for me. If you asked me for my personal opinion, I would pass on them.

Push and Pull Method

To get started, take the heavy duty plunger and put it into the toilet drain. Take extreme care when entering the plunger in an overflowing toilet which will spill water to the floor. Make sure the plunger envelops the toilet drain, and then with both feet balanced and grasping the handle with two hands, gently use the push and pull method. I usually do this about 10 times, and repeat if it needs to be. The black heavy plunger will require lots of force. If you don't have a lot of strength, its best to find a person with strength to handle the job. I highly suggest you give a nice tip.

Kids Are Kids

The above directions should have worked. Now, if you have young kids, your issue may be a bit nastier and much more severe. This is where your toilet auger (known as toilet snake) comes in. Young kids don't know any better yet. They tend to stick things were they are not supposed to. But, what can you do. You just accept it and they'll grow out of it in time.

Kids and Toilet Don't Mix

As a child, I didn't know any better and used to shove my toys down the toilet. Of course, the toys ends up getting stuck in the toilet causing major issues when flushed. Kids like to learn and experiment, so be gentle. Well, you can take the toilet auger which is a snake like whip with a spiral pick at the end of it. Caution is needed when inserting the toilet snake into the pipes because you'll carefully remove the stuck items so not to scratch the pipes. You won't believe the stuff you'll find - hair, forks, coins, spoons, toys, marbles. Your kids might even drop gold in there so you can find it.

Alternative Solutions

The latrine auger is simple to use. You'll get the hang of it. There might be a little mess, but its easily cleaned up. The extra money you'll save from not using a plumber. Not all problems can easily be solved.

You might seek alternative solutions if the problem is still lingering. Probably best to call the plumber. You may have to just suck it up and pay the plumber. A lot of people recommend Angie's list.


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