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My Washing Machine Smells Are Removed with Friendly Bacteria!!

Updated on June 2, 2013
My Washing Machine Smells
My Washing Machine Smells | Source

Bad Odours fromYour Washing Machine

There is nothing worse than experiencing a foul smell emanating from your washing machine every time you open the door, instead of a clean fresh smell.

Washing machine smell because of bacteria breeding on residues left behind after a wash, clinging to the inside of the drum, dispensing draw and pipe work. This residue can be made up of soap detergent, softener and dirt from the clothes. The warm, dark and damp conditions are an ideal breeding ground for the smelly bacteria to give off their characteristic smell.

Years ago, much of our clothing was washed at much higher temperatures 60 and 90ºC. These days, much of our washing is done at much lower temperatures 40 and even 30ºC. As a result, all the detergents, fabric softeners and dirt don’t get washed out of the pipe work as effectively as they used too, and the bacteria are not killed off either.

Another contributing factor, especially in hard water areas, is the build-up of limescale inside the drum and pipe work, causing dirt, detergents and fabric softeners to adhere, thus becoming a breeding ground for the smelly bacteria.

So what can you do stop your washing machine from smelling?

1) Clean the door rubber seal, as this where dirt can collect and become a breeding ground for the smelly bacteria. Leave the door ajar to allow the door seal to dry out and air to circulate inside.

2) Some people like to do a hot wash 60 or 90 C with bleach. This will kill all types of bacteria. (Remember not to leave any clothes in the drum).

3) Alternatively, you can use a biological product that contains Effective Microorganisms, Smelleeze. This product helps to re-populate the drum, dispensing draw and pipe work with beneficial micro-organisms that will out compete and remove the smelly bacteria. This is also done on a rinse cycle. It may take a couple of doses, but it definitely works. And, because you do it on a rinse cycle, you don’t have to use extra energy to heat the water, plus it is good for the environment, unlike bleach which isn’t.

4) In addition to Smelleeze, put a ‘Kagen EM Ceramic’ inside a sock, along with your washing for a more long term solution.

5) And, as the friendly microbes progress down the pipe work, they will have a positive effect on the drains too, neutralizing any smelly bacteria.

by Alistair Olver

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    • Alistair Olver profile imageAUTHOR

      Alistair Olver 

      5 years ago from Wiltshire, UK.

      Many thanks for your comments. Hope you are able to find one. Using the ceramic in your wash also has the added advantage of reducing the amount of detergent required, up to 50% less, and significantly reduces limescale buildup inside the pipes and around the heating element.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      5 years ago

      I am glad I caught this post as I do have a need for this information. I am going to look for the ceramic you suggested. What a wonderful article for homes who experience this problem, especially from the new types of washers.


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