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My Weber Spirit 310 Gas Barbecue Review

Updated on April 15, 2017

Weber Spirit grill review

My old gas bbq died after 10 years of solid service so I took ages scouring reviews, visiting stores and surveying friends before I ordered a Weber E310.

It arrived in a huge box, with a surprisingly large number of parts inside, plus an instruction manual. I have to say, I put off completely unpacking it for a few days because it all looked a little daunting. However, when I did decide to go for it, it was a lot easier than I imagined.

My Weber Spirit E310


Assembling my Weber Gas Barbecue

You really need two people to lift out the main piece of the barbecue and the instructions tell you this as well. The whole thing is extremely well packaged, and the barbecue body is wedged in tight with polystyrene, so I would say it is nearly impossible for someone by themselves to get the biggest piece out.

As you unwrap each piece, you can feel the quality of this Weber barbecue. And as you follow the instructions, each hole is beautifully lined up and each screw a perfect fit. I found the instructions easy to understand, and they draw attention so some little details which could trip you up, like which way around a piece must be to make the finished article perfect. The screws and nuts are in packets marked with a letter, so you don't use the wrong ones, and there was the correct number of everything - nothing was missing at all.

It took me about two hours in all, but it could've been done a lot quicker with a more focussed approach and without the numerous tea breaks I awarded myself!

These are the 'flavorizer bars'

Flavorizer bars stop flare ups.
Flavorizer bars stop flare ups. | Source
Underneath the flavorizer bar is the gas flame which is protected.
Underneath the flavorizer bar is the gas flame which is protected.

What's so good about my Weber gas barbecue?

I have had this bbq two months now and I am very pleased with it. It is very solid and it is good-looking too.

The heat is very even except for the very back corners, but this is just a small area. The click ignitor works as it should, and the control knobs are sensitive.

The 'flavourizer bars' stop most flare ups which usually blackens food. These bars are like long hats which sit over the gas flame, the idea is that the fat dripping from your sausages hits these bars and minimises fat flares. This means food is much more evenly cooked and not burnt on the outside, and raw in the middle. The bars, I imagine, must also prolong the life of the barbecue as it protects the innards quite a lot. These bars aren't fixed in, you simply lift them out to be cleaned, and place them back in place. And you can buy replacement flavorizer bars cheaply.

The grill bars are very substantial on this Weber. They are enamel coated making them easy to clean, and replacement grills are on Weber's parts list so a new one can be ordered without difficulty. I lift the grill bars off and stick them in the dishwasher after every use, or run them under a hot tap and they are ready for next time.

There is a drip tray underneath which collects the fat as it runs off the meat. Weber provide an aluminium foil tray to place inside, so you can lift it out and throw it away without the need to clean, but I have to be honest - I wash this up too and put it back. I will have to buy more foil at some point, but I'll make this one last as long as possible. There is also a specially-shaped tray piece which funnels the fat, and this slides in and out of place for easy removal at clean-up time. In fact the whole BBQ seems easy to clean and you can get into most corners and crevices. It is quite a simple design inside and simplicity seems to work well.

There are four wheels on the base of this unit so you can move it around the patio. Two wheels have locks on.

There are two robust side tables/ledges attached which make dishing up simple. There are hooks for hanging tools, cloths and oven mitts on too.

There is space underneath to house a smaller gas tank, but my 13kg one just is a bit too tall. There is a hole cut out for the rubber hosing to go through, so having the gas bottle on the outside isn't a problem. The front 'door' to the underneath space is quite flimsy and it opens by lifting completely off. Although it is light, I don't feel like it will break at all. I'm not sure what people keep in these compartments anyway, I never used the last one, but if this is important to you, you may need a different model.

The shiny, black lid is very heavy and there is a thermometer on the outside to monitor the temperature. Each time I clean this, the finish comes back as good as new, so far anyway.

What don't I like about my Weber BBQ?

Firstly, these bad boys are a little more expensive than many on the market. But they are good quality, and I expect it to last.

I wish the side flaps/tables/ledges folded down to make winter storage easier.

That's about.


Weber Accessories

Weber have a full range of barbecuing add-ons. I like the fact that a number of parts can be replaced easily so you can keep using your barbecue for ever. There is a rotisserie kit, a flat iron grill, a poultry steamer, a wok, a light and a warming rack to mention just a few. I haven't bought anything yet although the flat iron is calling so I can cook fish and veggies without losing them between the gaps. The parts are quite pricey, but I expect it's because they are well made. You could keep adding to the Weber collection if you used your barbecue a lot.

5 out of 5 from me

5 stars for Weber Spirit e310

Update on my review

We have had our Weber barbecue for a summer now. We just gave it a complete clean, inside and out, and packed it away in the garage for the winter. My husband was so pleased at the way the inside came up clean, almost as good as new. That's the difference between a quality item and a value one he said. It is also due to the fact you can get most of the pieces out with ease so you can clean them thoroughly. Once they are all out, you have access you to clean the 'guts' of the body comfortably. Everything has worked 100% as it should all summer, we have had absolutely no issues at all with it.


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